knoxville: Time To Plant The Garden! - 04/19/09 10:18 AM
Yesterday was a beautiful day in Knoxville with temperatures in the mid 70's. I, with the help of friends and family, took advantage of this and put numerous plants into the ground for this year's vegetable garden. While some veggies, most notably eggplant, are not quite ready for planting, many varieties of numerous other garden favorites, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc. made their way into the compost rich east Tennessee soil. Either click the title below or the photo to read the complete post:
Time To Plant The Garden!

knoxville: New Garden, New Home - 04/08/09 07:45 AM
After a lot of thought I have decided to chronicle my garden this year on my Knoxville Local Expert blog on the Neighborhood Expert Online network. I felt that moving this series to my local blog was a better fit than AR. I intend on posting small lead-ins on AR to the full posts so those who have enjoyed my past garden posts will still be able to read them by following the link to my local blog.

I apologize in advance to those who may be put off by this move but I feel it is the best thing … (7 comments)

knoxville: Just The Beginning... - 04/08/09 06:43 AM


knoxville: The World Grotto Experience! - 08/13/08 06:34 AM
Knoxville as a city is heavily influenced by it proximity to the Great Smokey Mountains with its rich Appalachian culture. Knoxville, because it is home to the University of Tennessee, is also heavily influenced by the diverse intellectual and artistic curiosity that characterizes any major university. The convergence of these influences have given rise to a number of distinctively diverse hot spots around town. One of the most distinctive of these is the World Grotto!
World Grotto is located at 16 Market Square in Knoxville (click HERE for a map). They are open: Tueday thru Wednesday 5:00 PM until 1:00 AM, … (9 comments)

knoxville: Three Rivers Rambler - 07/22/08 10:11 AM
Take a step back to another time. Better yet, sit back and and take a ride on The Three Rivers Rambler Train. This fun and unique excursion can involve either the steam or diesel engine depending on the scheduled day! This wonderful trip last ninety minutes and covers a distance of eleven miles. On this fun trip you will pass through some of the most beautiful farmland, Knoxville's first settlement, and stone quarries. The train travels as far as where the Holston River and French Broad Rivers join to form the Tennessee River. The train offers an open air car and … (7 comments)

knoxville: The Official State Theatre of Tennessee - 07/19/08 07:08 AM
With all the music history, from Memphis on the western border, Nashville in the north central part, and the Appalachian Mountains forming the eastern border of the state of Tennessee, Knoxville is fortunate to have "The Official State Theatre of Tennessee." The Tennessee Theatre opened October 1, 1928 with almost 2,000 seats. From the Czechoslovakian crystals in the French-style chandeliers to the overall Spanish-Moorish style, the Chicago architects, Graven & Mayger, incorporated a hodgepodge of design elements from all parts of the world. The overall effect is visually stunning and provides an intimate setting in which to see some of the … (5 comments)

knoxville: Tennessee Music...Volunteer Jam! - 07/17/08 03:08 PM
Being so close to Nashville, the unchallenged capital of country music, we feel the music. At the state's western border is Memphis, the home of "the King" Elvis Presley, Sun Studios, and the birthplace of both Rock & Roll and the Blues, which inspires us because they are distinct American creations. And closer to home, the mountains of Appalachia sing from our experience, our heart, and our spirit. Tennessee may not be the first place that pops into your mind when you think of music, but it should rank right up there with Detroit, New York City, Austin, Miami, and Los … (6 comments)

knoxville: July 4th Celebration: 3 Views From Tennessee - 07/01/08 06:25 AM
As all Americans know, on July 4th we celebrate America's independence from the tyranny of English rule. All across our great land celebrations as diverse as our country itself will be held. Whether you will be cooking out with family, spending a relaxing day hiking in the mountains, or attending a formal event in your community, I would urge everyone to take a moment, public or private, to remember not only those who perished in our Revolutionary War, but the honorable service of the men and women in the armed forces since then.
Knoxville and the surrounding area has three formal … (5 comments)

knoxville: Kuumba Festival 2008 - 06/24/08 01:21 PM
This weekend Knoxville celebrates the rich contribution of African Americans to the local art community and the community as a whole with the Kuumba Festival. Begun in 1989 by the African American Appalachian Arts, Inc. the Kuumba Festival highlights the art and artists who help to make our city great. The word kuumba means creativity in Swahili and captures the true spirit of creativity that is expressed in the festival. The festival incorporates the traditional arts, like painting, sculpture, and woodworking. Attendees can also take in non-traditional forms of art like music, dance, spoken word, and stilt walking. The festival will … (7 comments)

knoxville: Interstate or Scenic Highway? - 06/18/08 10:05 AM
I have been settled in Knoxville, Tennessee for almost two months now. I wanted to give little update on my adaptation to a slower paced life. It is somewhat ironic that my life here is considered slower paced because the workload demand for simply maintaining the property is much great than it was in metro-Atlanta. In Atlanta, I had a very small lot to maintain as I lived in a suburban subdivision. It seemed more about being near the city and all it had to offer, and less about spending a great deal of time maintaining property. Please do not understand, … (9 comments)

knoxville: Women's Basketball Hall of Fame - 06/05/08 04:21 AM

Knoxville, Tennessee is home to the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame. This 32,000 square foot facility was opened in June of 1999 and is the only facility of its kind dedicated to all levels of women's basketball. The theme of this magnificent facility is Honor the Past, Celebrate the Present, and Promote the Future. Each of the three entrances to the Hall of Fame has a bronze statue representing one of the three aspects of this overall theme. This wonderful facility highlights the history of women's basketball from its adaptation by Senda Berenson in 1892 to the modern game today.

knoxville: Higher Education: University of Tennessee - 05/30/08 10:42 AM

Knoxville is the home to the Universtiy of Tennessee at Knoxville! The university was founded as Blount College in 1794, two years before Tennessee became a state. In 1879 the name was changed to the University of Tennessee! Since it became designated in 1869 as the land grant universtiy in Tennessee, it has been growing by leaps and bounds. The University of Tennessee now operates campuses across the state:
The medical campus, University of Tennessee at Memphis 1911 (originally founded in Nashville in 1879) University of Tennessee at Martin 1927 (originally a private institution founded in 1900) University of … (6 comments)

knoxville: Honor Fountain City Day - The Happening! - 05/26/08 11:47 AM
Click on the video above to listen to the song as you enjoy the post!

Last week, I posted about the Honor Fountain City Day event that was held today, Memorial Day, 2008 in the Fountain City Park. The event is sponsored locally by Fountain City Town Hall, Inc which works to preserve the history and identity of this beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee suburb. As I said in my previous post, while there are wonderful Memorial Day Events held all around the country to honor the service of America's military, there is hardly anything as sincere and heartwarming as the thousands … (5 comments)

knoxville: Honor Fountain City Day - 05/20/08 12:28 PM
This is my first localism post since relocationg to the metro-Knoxville area! In my short time in the area, I have discovered that there are numerous distinct suburbs and smaller cities that comprise the metro-Knoxville area. These suburbs and smaller towns contribute their own personal flavor to the overall area. One such suburb is Fountain City!

Fountain City was annexed by the City of Knoxville in 1962. Unlike many smaller cities which surrender their identity upon annexation, Fountain City has clung to its own identity. In 1972, the non-profit community group Fountain City Town Hall was formed. The mission statement … (8 comments)

knoxville: Welcome Home (sort of)! - 05/13/08 05:13 AM

The world hates change,
yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.
-Charles Kettering
Many times I read the Quote of the Day on my sidebar widget and find inspiration, as was the case today!
As part of the Thornton Team at Home America Mortgage, I recently relocated to Knoxville, Tennessee from the metro-Atlanta area. The reason for this move has been to give a physical presence for Home America Mortgage in Tennessee. While we have been licensed in Tennessee for quite awhile, we felt that the opportunity to grow our business while increasing the visibility of … (10 comments)

knoxville: Ya Know...I Still Got Stuff! - 05/08/08 11:18 AM
Photos! We don't got no stinking photos! I was hoping that my first post back would have lots of photos but alas, the camera is M.I.A. (no not Danny Thornton's dog Mia). I would like to say that I have gotten settled in Knoxville but that is not quite true. I did make a landing in this beautiful and vibrant mountain city. What I did not realize was that landing was just the beginning; unpacking was (and is) next!
Many of you have read my previous post on de-cluttering one's environment as a metaphor for re-centering and cleansing yourself. If you … (6 comments)

knoxville: Time To Move On...Sell It! Donate It! Just Get Rid Of It! - 04/24/08 03:52 PM
As many of you know, the Thornton Team is relocating to Tennessee to expand our base of operations. Though we have been in Tennessee for quite awhile, there has been no physical Home America Mortgage presence there. This will change beginning Monday, April 28th as the Thornton Team will be in Knoxville! To all of our Georgia friends and business partners, do not fear! We will continue to provide the same high level of quality service to you and your clients that we always have!  Because of this move, I have taken advantage of the opportunity to Feng Shui it (thanks … (28 comments)

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