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rich dansereau: Didn't Alice Eat These? - 06/10/09 09:52 AM


rich dansereau: Squash Blossom - 05/28/09 01:11 AM


rich dansereau: Wildflower - 05/20/09 08:37 AM


rich dansereau: Summer Means Sports! - 05/14/09 05:21 AM
Okay so all the other seasons mean sports as well but summer is most associated in my mind with sports, i.e. the Boys of Summer. I look forward to the occasional afternoon baseball game or a weekend trip to see my favorite team play in person. In addition to the big league sports there are the numerous minor league and college teams to see. I also enjoy the T-Ball the my nieces and nephew play. So whether you are taking in your favorite major league team, minor league team, college team, or children's team, the warmth of summer beckons many of … (4 comments)

rich dansereau: Container Gardening - Strawberries! - 05/13/09 11:52 AM


rich dansereau: Early Garden Image - 05/06/09 07:16 AM


rich dansereau: Wordless Wednesday - 04/22/09 02:44 AM


rich dansereau: Time To Plant The Garden! - 04/19/09 10:18 AM
Yesterday was a beautiful day in Knoxville with temperatures in the mid 70's. I, with the help of friends and family, took advantage of this and put numerous plants into the ground for this year's vegetable garden. While some veggies, most notably eggplant, are not quite ready for planting, many varieties of numerous other garden favorites, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc. made their way into the compost rich east Tennessee soil. Either click the title below or the photo to read the complete post:
Time To Plant The Garden!

rich dansereau: Stream In The Great Smoky Mountains - 04/15/09 01:42 AM


rich dansereau: New Garden, New Home - 04/08/09 07:45 AM
After a lot of thought I have decided to chronicle my garden this year on my Knoxville Local Expert blog on the Neighborhood Expert Online network. I felt that moving this series to my local blog was a better fit than AR. I intend on posting small lead-ins on AR to the full posts so those who have enjoyed my past garden posts will still be able to read them by following the link to my local blog.

I apologize in advance to those who may be put off by this move but I feel it is the best thing … (7 comments)

rich dansereau: Just The Beginning... - 04/08/09 06:43 AM


rich dansereau: Post Anonymously - 03/30/09 11:44 AM
Today I came across a wonderful, albeit unsettling post written by the ladies who run the 2 Witches Blog. Apparently volcanoes are not the only things that can shake the frozen ground of Alaska with consequences for Americans everywhere. The question is one's right to remain anonymous when writing a blog or commenting on a post.
You might be wondering why on earth one would want to remain anonymous when writing a post or commenting on a blog, especially if they have nothing to hide. This is the classic argument used to imply that those wanting to remain anonymous must want … (10 comments)

rich dansereau: Acknowledging The Good Information And Refuting Misinformation - 03/27/09 05:03 AM
Last week there was a blog (that was subsequently re-blogged) that I read which I felt both hit the nail on the head and also completely missed the mark to the point of misinformation. I will not out of simple respect name the person who wrote the post nor the person who re-blogged it. What I would like to do is give kudos for what I see as the high point of that post while also pointing out the bad information that it incorrectly relayed as fact.
First the good information regards the role of someone who not only designs websites/blogsites … (4 comments)

rich dansereau: Wordless Wednesday - 03/25/09 06:09 AM


rich dansereau: Say It With Pictures - 03/19/09 04:12 AM
Today in Knoxville is a beautiful day. I woke with the crisp morning air, the windows have been open all week, and could actually hear the birds that have returned, and some that are migrating further north, chirping happily outside. I knew that today would be a good day and looked forward to it as I made my pot of coffee and let the dogs out. As per my usual routine, once my coffee was brewed, I turned on the computer to see what was happening on Active Rain.
On my homepage I noticed Contact from Danny Thornton: You Have … (9 comments)

rich dansereau: Bradford Pear In Bloom - 03/18/09 04:07 AM


rich dansereau: The Garden Is Started - 03/14/09 10:20 AM
I am so anxious for this year's garden that when we had two exceptionally nice days this week, I had to make my move. With last weekend seeing the signs of spring approach thanks to warming temperatures, I searched for someone to till my garden. Last year, one of my neighbors used his full size tractor to plow the new garden space. This year however, the garden had to be tilled using a small tiller as I had built a permanent structure, including the chicken pen and wildflower garden after that initial plowing.
Happily I found Stephen Hicks from his Craig's … (27 comments)

rich dansereau: Knuckle Dragger - 03/11/09 11:43 AM


rich dansereau: Gorilla Haven -- An Urgent Message - 03/10/09 03:44 PM
Kim Southern of Blue Ridge Real Estate is an unquestioned professional. One thing you may not have realized was that she has a thing for gorillas. Yep, hairy, knuckle dragging gorillas; lucky gorillas! No, seriously, they are lucky to have someone as caring and compassionate as Kim to give voice to their plight. You see Kim wrote a post entitled
Gorillas in Our Midst -- Gorillas Find Sanctuary in the North Georgia Mountains If you missed that post, I would definitely suggest reading it now as it gives some great background information on why this current post is so important. … (0 comments)

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