liveloveottawa: 7 Tips For The First Time Seller! - 06/14/23 12:40 PM

Are you selling a home for the first time? Team Jean Richer is here to help answer all of your questions! If you are ready to get started we recommend watching our latest video highlighting our 7 tips for first-time sellers, it is sure to get you on your way towards reaching your goal. Don't forget to give us a call when you have decided it's time to make your move! 

liveloveottawa: Home features to look out for! - 06/07/23 08:16 AM

Home hunters! This video is for you. While you are searching for your dream home, there are a few important features to keep in mind! We are sharing our top 5 must-have additions in today's episode of The Jean Richer Show. Head to my YouTube channel to watch this video and many more pertaining to real estate! Enjoy 

liveloveottawa: What to ask your realtor - 05/17/23 09:51 AM

When buying or selling your home, it is important to work with a seasoned real estate agent that will help you reach your goals and that you enjoy interacting with. How do you find the right person that will check all of the boxes? We recommend interviewing a few prospects before making your final choice. Use these four questions to determine who is the right fit for you! 

liveloveottawa: Are you looking for a new home? This is what you need to know - 05/10/23 08:11 AM

Buying a new home is a life-changing experience! When you are purchasing your first home, it is important to be informed about the process and the details involved. That is where we come in! In today's video, we are sharing our top four things you should know about a prospective home you are interested in before purchasing it. Let's get into it! Click the above video to watch it right now. 

liveloveottawa: Spring Cleaning Tips - 05/03/23 08:32 AM

Happy Spring Everyone! With this new season's arrival, comes a little spring cleaning in our homes! To help get you on your way we are sharing our top six spring cleaning tips for all you homeowners out there! We hope these help get your home summer ready! 

liveloveottawa: The top 3 reasons to sell your home in the spring! - 03/31/23 06:24 AM

Spring IS the season to sell! Why you may ask? Today we are sharing the top three reasons that you should prepare your home for the market in our latest YouTube video! We know the market is hot because buyers are on the hunt for their next forever home. As summer approaches, families are anxious to find a property that meets their needs, meaning your home could sell for top dollar! To find out our other two top reasons you'll have to watch the attached video! Let us know what you think in the comments!

liveloveottawa: 5 Ways to get your home ready for spring! - 03/24/23 06:43 AM

Spring is here! Although the cold weather still has us down, the sun is shining, reminding us that the warm weather is just around the corner here in Ottawa. With spring's arrival comes the big spring clean many do around their homes to give their space a refresh after the long winter. Today we are sharing 5 ways you can get your home ready for the spring season that you may not have on your spring cleaning checklist. Check them out in the above video, or by visiting my youtube channel!

liveloveottawa: These are the 5 expenses you should know about before you buy a home - 02/24/23 10:21 AM

Don't let these unexpected expenses sneak up on you when you are buying a home. Get informed today! We are discussing the top 5 things that are often overlooked when you become a homeowner. To jump in, watch the above video! 

liveloveottawa: Ready to buy a home this spring? - 02/17/23 06:16 AM

Spring is coming around the corner! Soon Ottawa will be warm and the housing market will be in full swing! If you are planning to shop for your first home, we have a few helpful tips that are designed to make this process seamless for you! We are diving into these three points in our attached video, check them out today! 

liveloveottawa: Is it a great time to buy? - 02/03/23 06:15 AM

Are you thinking about buying a home? You may have wondered, when is a good time to buy? I strongly believe that there is always a good time to buy a home if you are prepared for it. No matter what is happening in the market, if the numbers make sense for your personal finances, it is a great decision to invest in real estate. To learn more, watch the above video. 

liveloveottawa: Have issues come up on your home inspection? - 12/28/22 09:33 AM

Closing issues come in two sizes, large and small. Unfortunately, it is common for them to show up on a home you are having inspected to purchase. These issues will be solved during your negotiations between yourself the buyer, and the seller. You will determine together who will take care of these issues and an arrangement will be in place through changes made to your terms of purchase. We ensure all of our clients that these matters will be fixed simply and efficiently in everyone's favour and that it is part of the process in each real estate transaction. 

liveloveottawa: Have your financing in place before you shop - 12/21/22 08:55 AM

Shopping for a new home is an exciting experience. It's one that doesn't come by every day! To help it go as smoothly as possible it is very important to be prepared. Do you have your finances in place, and your budget set for this big purchase? These are two factors that must be assessed before the fun can begin! To understand why, watch the attached video on my YouTube channel! 

liveloveottawa: Who pays closing costs anyway? - 12/15/22 08:08 AM

Are closing costs in your future? Closing costs are part of the overall transaction when buying or selling a home. These costs will be the buyer's and the seller's responsibility to cover. Watch the above video on my YouTube channel to find out what closing costs may apply to you and how to prepare for them. 

liveloveottawa: Will days on market affect my home's selling value? - 12/07/22 11:01 AM

The amount of days your home is on the market could effect the value that your home will sell for. There are many areas to consider to find the answer, like the current housing market, selling trends in your area, or your house type or location. We are breaking these points down to give you a bigger picture of what to expect when your home goes live on the market and to help ease your mind about the process in the above video! If you like this episode and find it informative don't forget to give it a like or a … (1 comments)

liveloveottawa: What does being house poor mean? - 12/02/22 10:27 AM

Has someone you know told you they are house poor? This is not a fun place to be. Purchasing a home you may barely be able to afford can contribute to being in more debt and financially unstable. When looking for a house to purchase, it is imperative that you only choose a home within your set budget. To find out how you can avoid becoming house poor yourself and how this can happen, watch today's video above! 

liveloveottawa: Why I love Ottawa real estate! - 11/16/22 11:53 AM

Ottawa is the place to be when selling real estate! I have loved living here locally in the Orleans area for many years because it has so much to offer. Ottawa is one of those city's that is large and spacious but it gives you that small town feel within it's communities. I have been selling real estate in Ottawa for over 20 years, and I have learned a lot about why it is an amazing place to buy property. Tune in to the above video to discover why I think so! 

liveloveottawa: Is it time to renew your mortgage? - 11/09/22 07:21 AM

It's mortgage renewal time! Do you know what you should do next? Signing the form and sending it back is not your only option! Team Jean Richer recommends speaking with a mortgage broker professional. They are the experts and can recommend the best path moving forward. Watch the episode above to learn more! 

liveloveottawa: It's Vaycay Time - 11/02/22 08:03 AM

Let's go on vacation! 
It's time for a getaway, even a real estate agent needs to take time to recharge their batteries. When you work for yourself, it's hard to plan a vacation. Naturally, the real estate market never stops! That is why we have a team in place to take care of our day-to-day operations. To learn how this works, watch the above video!

liveloveottawa: How We Use Tech In Real Estate - 10/26/22 01:39 PM

Tech makes the world go round! It's part of our everyday lives here for Team Jean Richer! When we put your home on the market, we use many different resources and platforms to our advantage to find the right buyer. In today's episode of our weekly show we are going to tell you all about how technology influences our business and helps us to showcase what your home has to offer! Give it a watch above! 

liveloveottawa: Our top 4 selling tips for fall! - 10/19/22 10:25 AM

Fall is the time to sell your home!
Who can't benefit from a few tips here and there? This fall we are pulling out all the stops to ensure you are prepared for your upcoming showings! An impactful and positive showing means the successful sale of your home! Learn more about the 4 tips we will be covering like the importance of lighting, curb appeal, small repairs and seasonal decor! Click the video above to watch this new post!  

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