thejeanrichershow: Preparing To Buy : Part 5 Making Your Offer - 09/28/22 01:09 PM

You are on your way to purchasing your new home! The last step is writing your offer. We are ending this 5 part series 'Buying Like A Pro' with a bang! We will talk you through what you can expect during this time and what decisions you will need to make regarding your conditions. Let's get going! Watch this video above and on my YouTube channel. 

thejeanrichershow: Preparing To Buy : Part 4 Finding The Right Agent - 09/21/22 07:19 AM

We are back with part 4 of our 5 part series! Today we are discussing how to choose a real estate agent when looking for a home! It's important to do your research. Word of mouth and great recommendations from friends and family can go a long way! It's vital to make sure your communication styles and your personalities aline when making this new partnership. You will be communicating with this individual often so it's important that you are comfortable with them and have a great rapport. To learn more about how to choose the right realtor, watch the video above! 

thejeanrichershow: Preparing To Buy : Part 3 Finding The Right Home - 09/14/22 10:14 AM

Home buyers, do you know what you're looking for? You are on the hunt for that perfect home, but you first need to lay down your wants and needs before your search can truly begin. You may not be sure where to start, especially if you are a first-time home buyer. That is why Team Jean Richer has created this video to help! We will go over how to create your perfect home list to help you and your realtor find the best match to call your forever home! Enjoy part 3 of our new series above! 

thejeanrichershow: Preparing To Buy : Part 2 Avoid Making Big Purchases - 09/07/22 07:24 AM

You've been pre-approved for a mortgage! Horray! You are one step closer to buying your dream home. As a real estate agent, I recommend holding off on making large purchases during this time, even after being approved. You want to insure your credit score stays the same, buying a car for example during this time could negatively affect your borrowing abilities. To learn more watch the above video! 

thejeanrichershow: Getting Ready To Sell : Part 5 Showings - 09/01/22 01:40 PM

We have come to the end of our five-part series, "Selling Like a Pro!" We hope you have found these past few videos informative on your selling journey! To finish things off we are discussing showings! Buyers are coming to view your property, it's now time to showcase your home to its full potential. This is when the tips from the home stager will come into play. When the buyers enter we want them to feel like they are looking at a model home. Their expectations will be high, and this is how we will meet them. For more information, watch the … (0 comments)

thejeanrichershow: Getting Ready To Sell Part 4 : Photography & Videography - 08/17/22 08:23 AM

Professional photos and videos, is it necessary? When putting your home on the market, it is common to see some realtors taking their own photos of their client's property. We recommend going with a professional, always! In part 4 of our 5 part series, we are going to be discussing the power of professional photography and videography and why it is expected in today's market. This change can help get your property get out there, seen and sold faster! 

thejeanrichershow: Getting Ready To Sell : Part 3 Home Staging - 08/10/22 08:27 AM

Is home staging really necessary when putting your home on the market today? As we know, the market is changing, buyers expectations are higher. They want to see a well put together home to be able to envision themselves living there. A home stager is trained to come in and make a few changes and suggestions that will make all the difference in appealing to the needs of the buyer and help them say yes to your home! For more information on home staging, watch the above video! 

thejeanrichershow: Why should you stage your home? - 07/13/22 09:00 AM

We are often asked this question in the real estate business. Why is home staging an important part of selling today? Home staging really makes a big difference in the view of the buyer. A stager is trained to appeal to a buyer's wants and needs and showcase your home to its full potential. A few small changes and tweaks can go a long way and make a big difference in a buyer purchasing your property for top dollar! Watch the above video to learn more! 

thejeanrichershow: The top 5 things to consider before listing your home - 07/06/22 10:10 AM

Thinking about selling your home in the near future? Team Jean Richer is here to help! We have made this video for you! Five tips to follow to help the future buyer say yes to your home! Watch our video to find out how these steps are proven to help your home sell faster! 

thejeanrichershow: Open Houses Are Back! - 06/15/22 07:00 AM

Hooray!! Open houses are back and better than ever! It's time to showcase your beautiful property on Sundays once again to potential buyers. Is your home prepared to show its best self? We have the tips and tricks in today's video to help you have a successful showing to find the right buyer! Give it a watch today! 

thejeanrichershow: Are you ready to buy a new townhouse? - 06/08/22 07:13 AM

Are you picturing yourself in a newly constructed townhome? Do we have the opportunity for you! Our Projet Dion townhomes in Rockland only have a few units left for purchase. These homes come with many features, customizable to your taste! In todays episode of The Jean Richer Show we will be discussing just what these townhomes bring to the table! Check it out!

thejeanrichershow: The Pros and Cons of Putting in a Pool - 06/01/22 09:12 AM

June is here and we are one step closer to sitting by the pool with a cold drink in hand! Have you thought about turning your backyard into a pool oaisis this summer? Come along as we walk you through the pros and cons of pool ownership to help you make an informed decision and get your swim on faster! 

thejeanrichershow: Should you sell your home before you purchase a new one? - 05/25/22 07:40 AM

This is a question I am often asked by my clients in real estate. Buying or selling first, how do you choose? This decision will truly depend on your personal situation, but the housing market at the time will be a big indication of how to proceed. In today's episode of our weekly series, I will tell you how I steer my clients to make the right choice for them during this process. Perhaps you are in the same situation? Comment below for advice! 

thejeanrichershow: HOT NEW LISTING - Single Family Home In Rockland - 05/25/22 07:22 AM
Welcome to 686 Paul! This spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home is for sale in Rockland. Step into the foyer and you will be welcomed with beautiful hardwood floors, bright and open living room leading into a spacious kitchen and dining room. The staircase provides separation while maintaining an open concept layout perfect for entertaining and spending time with family. The kitchen's updated fixtures offer a modern feel with many cabinets and counter space for storage and appliances. Large windows throughout the main floor provide lots of natural light. The main level also features a full bath. The spacious aspect of … (3 comments)

thejeanrichershow: What is the one thing I love most about real estate? - 05/18/22 07:32 AM

I truly love working with my clients! I help make their buying and selling experience stress-free and as simple as possible. As an agent I understand how overwhelming this process can seem, that's why I truly enjoy improving it for others, this is, after all, a great time in your life! Buying a new home that you will cherish and love for years to come. Find out more about this subject in the video above! 

thejeanrichershow: It's Story Time! - 05/11/22 07:33 AM

My fellow realtors can attest to this, we see some crazy things in our job! This means we have lots of funny stories to tell! This is one of my favourites for sure. I was at a client's home who I thought wasn't home... then all of a sudden it's obvious that I was not alone, and the client was a cop! Can you picture it? For the full story watch the video above! Don't miss this one!

thejeanrichershow: What is the one thing a seller could do to sell their home faster? - 05/04/22 08:17 AM

Most sellers want to get their homes sold in a flash. That is definitely the ideal goal. There are steps that a seller can take to help this process move along with a few helpful tips from a trusted real estate agent. In this week's episode, we will be talking about these suggestions and how you can implement them! A buyer's impression happens quickly at showings, we want to make it a great one! 

thejeanrichershow: The Jean Richer Show - Why should I work with a buyer agent? - 04/27/22 08:51 AM

Using a buyer agent will produce greater outcome when buying a home. The benefits of using a buyer agent over a listing agent is they have your best interest. Buyer agents have knowledge of what you like and what you want and know the listings available in your preferred areas. The listing agent represents the interest of the seller, and won't understand what you're looking for as well as your hired buyer agent.  Watch my video to hear more reasons why a buyer agent will benefit your home buying experience!

thejeanrichershow: They Paid How Much For Their House? - 04/20/22 07:03 AM

Do you find yourself wondering why the value of a home changes so quickly in today's market? In this quick episode of The Jean Richer Show, we will outline the factors that contribute to this change and explain why the price once paid for the home, doesn't necessarily matter today. For more great real estate content head to my YouTube Channel! 

thejeanrichershow: What Home Remodel Gets The Best Return On Your Investment? - 04/06/22 07:54 AM

Want to make a good investment in the remodel of your home? It's important to focus on the high traffic areas, they are the most important! I am often asked which renovations will boost the value of your home when you are planning to sell, in the latest episode of The Jean Richer Show we will be discussing this together! Check out this video and many more on my channel. 

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