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Richard Witt has been buying homes full-time since 1998 and has been a leader in the real estate industry since 1984. When you contact Long Island Cash Home Buyer that is who you will be working with. Many competing websites are lead-generating sites only and you cannot be sure that the person that contacts you is an actual, qualified cash home buyer or if they are just someone that is going to shop your property and situation around to all sorts of other real estate investors. They could also be real estate agents that are really just looking to list your property for sale on the Multiple Listing Service. When you contact us you will be working directly with Rich Witt only. We buy homes for CASH for the entire Long Island, NY and Queens area.



Happy Easter I stumbled over this quote this morning and I must say I love it... to me it says it all. Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won't stay. Clarence. W. Hall He is Risen! Happy Easter! God Bless Everyone! As for me I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior so this is a ...
  I've been a long time fan of Deepak Chopra and last night he was on Shawn Hannity's show talking about his new book "Super Brain".  I immediately went to Amazon and ordered it and spent till the wee hours of the morning reading it. I highly recommend this book!!! You don't have to end up with d...
If you're not happy with the conditions of your world then This New Day may be a perfect day to change your world and all you have to do is change the way you feel inside. How easy is that? Remember... Worry attracts more worry. Anxiety attracts more anxiety. Unhappiness attracts more unhappines...
  Finding a Home In Massapequa NY Affordable Homes for Sale in Massapequa                                                                                 Massapequa is located on the South Shore of Long Island in Nassau County 40 or so miles from  Manhattan. It’s home to over 22,000 residents. Th...
    Once you find a home that you love the next question you are most likely going to have is:  “What will they take?” or, “What should we offer?”  The law of licensing does not allow an agent hired by the seller to quote a price other than the asking price of the property. So what is a buyer wit...
Debbie's post is a wonderful reminder to both  agents and sellers of the importance of keeping your buyer presentation inviting at all times. Taking Debbie's advice will certainly increase your buyer pool and I'm confident it will speed up the sale of your property.... So with camera in hand let'...
Check out this picture... it's worth a thousand words... Yesterday our Grandson Jack had a play date with his friend Chris. Chris and Jack first met in the hospital the day they were born and thanks to their Moms they have been able to frequently enjoy each others company. His Mom sent me this ph...
      Be grateful.   Be grateful that you are alive and have a New Day to enjoy.    Be grateful  for your loved ones, and for all that bring comfort and joy into your life.   Be grateful for your eyes that enable you to read this.   Be grateful for your favorite music, for movies that make you fe...
  As I watch my two year old Grandson "Jack" enjoy his life I can not help but notice how joyful he is.  In fact I call him a little "Joy Bug". It is impossible to be around Jack without feeling a sense of joy.  What can we learn from the little children?  We can learn that our natural state of b...
Bay Shore Home Under Contract in 17 Days. This spacious four bedroom home offered for $239,000.00 was priced to sell and RE/MAX Wittney Estates got it into contract in 17 days.   To View 128 Bay Shore Homes For Sale Under $250,000.00 Click Here To Learn About Buyer Representation Click Here It's ...

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