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Richard Witt has been buying homes full-time since 1998 and has been a leader in the real estate industry since 1984. When you contact Long Island Cash Home Buyer that is who you will be working with. Many competing websites are lead-generating sites only and you cannot be sure that the person that contacts you is an actual, qualified cash home buyer or if they are just someone that is going to shop your property and situation around to all sorts of other real estate investors. They could also be real estate agents that are really just looking to list your property for sale on the Multiple Listing Service. When you contact us you will be working directly with Rich Witt only. We buy homes for CASH for the entire Long Island, NY and Queens area.



   If you were offered a choice between feeling and acting out of fear or out of love, which one would you pick? Most people don't even hesitate before they say, "Love!" But all too often, whether consciously or not, we pick fear.When you avoid success, harm your physical health, or hold back you...
  If you've been in a sales business for a while you will know that the sales business often feels like a roller coaster ride. The reason why there are ups and downs is because when something good happens we become super excited and when something bad happens we become depressed. Not only does th...
    (I know this post is all screwed up... I've tried for at least an hour to get it right but every time I publish it... it's messed up... so the heck with it... hope you still can find one that will make you smile or giggle and that you are having a Happy Day.)1. I wish I could lose weight as e...
  1. Amazing things happen when you distance yourself from negativity. 2. You can choose to make yourself miserable or you can choose to make yourself strong. The amount of work is the same.  3. Don't let your ears hear what your eyes didn't see, and don't let your mouth say what your heart doesn...
  1. Fall in love with talking care of yourself. 2. Without rain nothing grows. Learn to embrace the storms of your life.  3. Nothing is ever status quo, we are either moving forward or moving backwards. Richard Witt  4. Make somebody happy today. Mind your own business.Ann Landers 5. It's okay t...
 Happy New Day My Friends  Did you ever have a dream or a goal and you say to someone, "here's what I'm going to do," and they say to you. "Oh yeah, how are you going to do that?" You don't know how you're going to do it. But you don't let that stop you and you go ahead anyway. Intuitively you ju...
   Happy Day My Friends  When you get into real estate you get into business for yourself.  You plunge into a battle to survive that is much keener than most people experience while working for wages or a salary.  You do not build up seniority, accrue company benefits and go on strike for more mo...
   1. The world is getting so sensitive. Soon I won't be able to make fun of myself without offending someone.  2. A negative mind will never give you a positive life.  3. If you do what others do, you'll get what others get.  4. I wish more people were fluent in silence.  5. I can't control ever...
   1. It'a not only how you you start a race, that's important but how you finish... and the same is true of life.  (One can never consent to creep when one feels the impulse to soar. Helen Keller)  2. You can not change the past. Whatever has happened in your life both good and bad can not be al...
Happy New Day   "Agree to inspire before you expire." Selling Is Not Talking For over 30 years I interviewed folks who wanted to join the wonderful word of real estate.  During the interview I always got around to asking why they had made the decision to become a real estate agent and so many tim...

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