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Richard Witt has been buying homes full-time since 1998 and has been a leader in the real estate industry since 1984. When you contact Long Island Cash Home Buyer that is who you will be working with. Many competing websites are lead-generating sites only and you cannot be sure that the person that contacts you is an actual, qualified cash home buyer or if they are just someone that is going to shop your property and situation around to all sorts of other real estate investors. They could also be real estate agents that are really just looking to list your property for sale on the Multiple Listing Service. When you contact us you will be working directly with Rich Witt only. We buy homes for CASH for the entire Long Island, NY and Queens area.



 Many homeowners try selling their home on their own believing that they will save the commission.  However my 37 years of experience in the real estate business has taught me that buyers shop FSBO (For Sale By Owners) to save the commission.  So my question has always been how can two people sav...
   1. You've been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn't worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.Louise Hay  2. In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.  3. Don't stress about your eyesight failing as you get older. It's natures way of protecting you from shock...
  May you have a Glorious Easter I love those who seek me and those who seek me find me.  Proverbs 8:17  It took me many years and much help before I found what I was seeking and for that I thank Dr. James Browstowin who told me to write a gratitude letter to God every day.  I thank Bruce Silva w...
 If you want to achieve success in the real estate business the first step should be to define what success would be for you. If 4 transactions a year equals success for you then do what folks do that do 4 transactions a year. If 40 transactions a year equals success for you then it stands to rea...
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Happy Day My Friends   1. I love the person I've become because I fought so hard to become who I am. 2. I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone. I am simply trying to be better than the person I was yesterday.  3. Stress, anxiety, and depression are caused when we are living...
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I was thinking of something of value to share with you all today and I came across a post that I wrote on 2/15/2012. It was featured and it is ... if I must say so myself awesome...The title of the post is "My wife was a coward"  You do not want to not click on the link and check out what I had t...

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