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As reported in the April 24th issue of Real Trends, home prices went up in both January and February by 1%.  Not much, but it was an INCREASE, not a decrease...In addition home sales (units) increased in 22 of 25 metropolitan areas.  13 of those areas posted their largest increases for February s...
One of my hobbies and loves is jazz.  I learned much about the players and the musical relationships they have and had by reading the "liner notes" on the backs or sleeves of record albums.  Many of you may not even know what "records" are because of your age...However there were liner notes in m...
As I mentioned in my previous post, the FNMA HomePath lending program is a great tool for 1st time homebuyers, or for any buyer.  What you may not know is that this program, with some modifications, is also available to investors.  An investor can use this loan program, with 10% Down, no appraisa...
If you don't know about the FNMA Homepath loan program, you are not in the know about Good News in Real Estate!  This program is for buyers who want to purchase FNMA-owned homes. Here's the scoop: 3% down, 6% Credit to Buyer, No appraisal, No mortgage insurance.  This program is only available th...
The sharp drop-off in the economy in recent months also implies that consumers and businesses are getting rid of their excesses with surprising speed.  The rapid pace of adjustments gives me hope that the economy can begin to stabilize in the second half of the year.  Savings (as a % of income) a...
MLS inventories are flat or decreasing!  Take a look at my recent post regarding the Phoenix Area MLS statistics.  Buyers are buying.  The free market is working!  The "Months Inventory" number is dropping in many cities and many properties are getting multiple offers.  If you have a job and are ...
Dramatic positive changes in the Phoenix Metropolitan marketplace in the past WEEK!  Phoenix has been one of the hardest hit areas in foreclosures and prices.  But, look at what has happened from Thursday April 2 through Thursday April 9th: NUMBER OF ACTIVE LISTINGS IN MLS: Dropped from 47,962 to...
Good News in Real Estate: Interest rates are still at record low levels, but many people have it in their heads that they cannot get loans.  Many people can qualify for solid loans and buy houses - they just don't know it.  It is the real estate professional's job to get the word out to combat al...
I am really tired of hearing all of the "gloom and doom" in the news media about the real estate markets in various places.  So I am determined to publish at least one piece of GOOD NEWS in REAL ESTATE every day if I can.  So here we go: In February - New Home sales jumped 4.7% - to the surprise ...

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