1st time home buyers: Five Keys to Working with the Toughest Buyers - 08/03/09 04:47 AM
The ProblemBuyers are tougher than ever.  Buyers are taking longer to buy, looking at more property, offering less, and negotiating more.  The list goes on.  The Solution - Five Keys1. The Buyer's motivation dictates everything.  As an Agent you must find out why the Buyer is buying.  Use these four questions.       a. Why are you thinking about Buying at this time?      b. Where are you thinking about going?      c. Ideally, if I could snap my fingers and make it happen for you, when would you like to be in your new home?      d. How important is it to make that move in … (3 comments)

1st time home buyers: Tax Credit in Your Marketing - 04/20/09 05:53 AM
I have received several questions about how to use the $8,000 tax credit in Agent Marketing. I have seen a lot of people use the phrase "find out if you qualify" or some such phrase.  It seems distracting to me as if it is hard to get this.  I recommend something like the following. 
Call (by the way this word needs to be capitalized) or email today to receive FREE FACTS or to make an appointment.  Every first time Buyer qualifies, this is part of the stimulus package that you or someone you know can take advantage of immediately.  There is … (2 comments)

1st time home buyers: 1st Time Home Buyers Seminar - 12/08/08 07:33 AM
Here is another idea from my blog post titled: Five Ideas for Creating More Real Estate Business in a Soft Market 
Conducting first time home Buyer's seminars can create a handful or more of prequalified Buyers.  
The best time to conduct first time home Buyer's seminars is from early January until the spring market occurs (mid March).  However, I am wondering if an early late fall event might work because of all the positive factors lining up to make this one of the best ever times for first time home Buyers.
If not now, plan one for early in the year. … (2 comments)

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