communication: Strengthen Your Connections in Apparently Casual Conversations [Video] - 05/13/15 11:54 AM

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First, your hardest questions of the week…
…Did you exceed your appointment goals for last week, and are you already scheduled for this week? …Where are you in relation to your May Sales and Listing goals? Have you achieved them? Can you see where they’re coming from? …How is your income? Unless you have rentals May is already set – and for most of you June is nailed down, too. These are the questions you need to ask every day so you’re thinking strategically, which means you’re really thinking like a business person.  Our the Real Estate Grad School Charts are one … (3 comments)

communication: How To Turn Casual Conversation Into Business [VIDEO] - 04/20/15 09:46 AM
How many times a week do you hear the classic question, “so, how’s the market?”
How do you know if it’s polite conversation or a potential client checking you out?
Talking points — pre-planned responses to common questions — are a great way to make sure you don’t drop the ball when someone expresses interest in your work.  And, as with everything, practice makes purpose.  But it can get really tricky when practice means turning into Robot Realtor with what can sound like a canned response.
In this week’s free 1st Fifteen webinar, Rich Levin discusses the keys to keeping your responses sincere, on-point, … (3 comments)

communication: The Obvious and Seldom Kept Secret to a Successful Team - 08/24/11 02:24 PM
Arnold is launching an Internet Company.  It is a terrific idea.  He has a partner.  He contacted me for advice.  He said that he called an important new Client yesterday.  It turned out that his partner spoke with the same Client earlier in the day about the same topic.  And they didn’t present the same information.  They didn’t contradict each other.  They didn’t support each other either.  It is not the impression they want to make.  And it is a sign that he and his partner are not communicating regularly.
I told him to do what my partner and I do every day.  Meet.  His partner is in Florida.  He is in New York.  No problem, … (3 comments)

communication: The Nine Weaknessess of Experienced Real Estate Agents - 09/22/08 05:06 AM
The following are what I call the nine weaknesses of experienced Real Estate Agents.  After working with Agents one on one for over a decade, I have discovered that these are the main areas that will lead experienced Agents to add 50% to 100% in their production particularly in this market. 
These are the things they need to know.  Although, they often want to know other things.  What they want to know is often driven by the latest workshop they attended, articles they read, or suggestions from another Agent.  When they follow these "want to knows" it usually provides very little … (0 comments)

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