rich levin: Top Agent Interview with Successful Young Agent about Investing - 03/29/11 09:11 AM

rich levin: Prevent and Handle Objections to Win More Business - 03/07/11 08:09 AM
I am conducting a free training webinar this Thursday. Normally it is exclusively for my coaching clients or it has to be purchased seperately for $29.99. So many Agents have asked to see what one of my Skills Webinars is like that I decided to open this training webinar up to everyone. It is a hot topic that every Real Estate Agent can learn something to immediately implement into their business.
Take a moment now to register .
These Skills webinars are just one benefit of joining our Daily Coaching Program. We conduct a new live topical training webinar every other week then post them … (1 comments)

rich levin: Five Success Habits - 02/15/11 06:06 AM
Two of the most frustrating challenges to a Real Estate Agent's success and happiness are Time Management and Organization.  The business is demanding.  Demands on your time are often sudden and unexpected which causes chaos and frustration.  These unexpected demands often derail an entire day or even days of your time. On top of all of this you still have activities that need to consistently be accomplished. These activities can be built into scheduled habits.  The secret that allows you to have quality of life as you increase production and income is to develop the systems, knowledge and skills of these … (3 comments)

rich levin: Consistency is Motivating - 02/03/11 02:08 AM
Consistency is very motivating. When you follow football all season you are excited about the Super Bowl. When you exercise every day, you are eager to keep up the effort. When you help your child with their homework every day, you are even more excited about their schoolwork and getting good grades.And when you work on your business in a consistent way, when you work on a specific aspect of your business consistently, then you are eager and motivated to apply it. You are even more motivated and excited to succeed in your career.Be consistent with following up on leads or … (2 comments)

rich levin: Four Classic Goal Setting Mistakes - 01/19/11 03:28 AM
1. This may be obvious.  The most common and classic goal setting mistake is not setting goals.  Do you have goals set for 2011?  If not, you lose.  People with goals always outperform those without.  People with goals are more focused, confident, happier, and productive.  
2. Setting one level of goal is far less motivating than setting three.  Using Football as an example; Exceptional goal is to win the Super Bowl.  The Tiptoe goal might be to make the Playoffs.  And the Disappointment goal might be to have a winning season.  Throughout the season the team measures its progress in relation … (4 comments)

rich levin: No Resolutions - 12/09/10 06:08 AM
"Time is an equal opportunity employer.  Each human being has exactly the same number of hours and minutes every day.  Rich people can't buy more hours.  Scientists can't invent new minutes.  And you can't save time to spend it on another day.  Even so, time is amazingly fair and forgiving.  No matter how much time you've wasted in the past, you still have an entire tomorrow."  ~Denis Waitely
With the New Year approaching we all have a tendency to look back at the previous year and think about all the "should have-could have's." Instead look back at all the positive things … (2 comments)

rich levin: Standards over Goals - 12/06/10 04:02 AM
You may not always hit your goals.  But you always meet your standards.  If your standards are low, you get those.  If your standards are high, you get those.  You can different standards for different things. For example you may have high standards for the files and communication you have with the Sellers, but low standards for making appointments with the Buyers. Personally you may have high standards for cleanliness but low for your diet.
Everybody in life meets their standards.  They don't always meet their "shoulds."  The things you "should do;" lose weight, make more calls, consistent marketing, get into … (0 comments)

rich levin: Open House Prospecting - 10/22/10 08:15 AM
Take a few minutes to listen to this recent recording on how to conduct successful and profitable Open Houses. You can stand out from other Agent's who are not doing these things. Gain the competitive advantage in your area.

rich levin: Preparing for Open Houses - 10/19/10 07:38 AM
Recently i posted a recording on the proper way to prepare for Open Houses to ensure you get appointments. Please take some time to listen to this recording. You will obtain some great advice.

rich levin: Negotiating for REALTORS - 10/13/10 08:19 AM
Negotiating is a weakness for most Real Estate Agents. It is often the Agent's most costly weakness. This webinar with a comprehensive e-workbook are the foundation on which an Agent can build true negotiating expertise and immediately raise his/her level of confidence and skill. Rich will conduct a skills webinar tomorrow on this topic. For more information visit:
This webinar is just one of over 25 that is INCLUDED with ALL RLSC COACHING PROGRAMS even Daily Coaching. Already 11 posted in the skills webinar library with complete e-workbooks.

rich levin: 7 Steps to Ensure a Strong Year End - 09/29/10 08:38 AM
1. Get active.  Call the leads that you already have.  Hold Opens.  Go to picnics, parties and events.  Visit or call past Clients.  Call on Expireds and For Sale by Owners.  Be active every working weekday.
2. Don't get sloppy or inconsistent with your prospecting and marketing.   Or if you have been sloppy about it during the year, then tighten it up for the next sixty days.  (You'll have built this as a habit after sixty days.) 
3. Look at what has been working best this year in your business and be sure to keep doing that.  This is the time for consistency. This … (4 comments)

rich levin: The Gloom and Doom Continues - 09/17/10 06:17 AM
I have been reading through several of the blog posts on here and I have to stay I am stunned by the doom and gloom that Agents are passing along to other Agents. This should be a place to learn, share, grow, network etc but not bring each other down. Yes Agents are struggling from coast to coast and yes everyone has a right to an opinion which they certainly can write what they are feeling. But I have to say I am very discouraged. The market is very cyclical, we have gone through it before and we will go through it … (2 comments)

rich levin: What are Buyers Really Thinking - 09/14/10 04:31 AM
Recently during a group coaching session we discussed whether now is a good time to buy. My assistant Rebecca pointed out that the average person isn't aware of the market like we as Real Estate Agents are. So when I came across this article it was nice to see that other people thought the same way.
Is This a Good Time for HomeBuying.

rich levin: Real Estate and Roller Coasters - 09/10/10 05:49 AM
"Real Estate can be like a roller coaster.  If you don't have enough momentum going down, then you won't have the momentum to get back up."  Bob O'Brien (a coaching client) said this to me recently.  Bob has been selling Real Estate for ten years and has already sold more this year than any entire year in the past.  (which is common for my coaching Clients). He was referring to the fact that he is very busy when many of the other Agents around him are not.  And that he is going to finish the year strong so that he has a stronger … (0 comments)

rich levin: To My Jewish Friends - 09/07/10 08:14 AM
Many Real Estate Agents have people in their Spheres of Influence who are Jewish and the Agents are aware that the Jewish New Year is around now.  Jewish holidays start at sundown instead of at midnight.  This year the J New Year called Rosh Hashanah begins this Wednesday evening.  People begin to wish each other a "Happy New Year" for a few days before the holiday and for ten days after. 
If you have Jewish Friends most Jewish people say to each other say LeShana Tova which means, "for a good year."   The more religious Jews say "le-shana tova Tikatevu ve-Techatemu" … (0 comments)

rich levin: Three Important Truths about the Housing Market - 08/25/10 05:06 AM
1. Real Estate is local by nature.  A 27% drop in existing housing sales does not mean that your community is down 27%.  The seasonally adjusted annual rate of sales is still over 3,800,000 properties sold.  Those sales will happen in a lot of communities.  As I have repeated many times, "There are enough sales in your market for you to do the 2, 3, 4, or even 5 sales you need to exceed your goals. 2. Good work is rewarded.  I have coaching Clients in communities from California and Oregon to Kansas and Texas, Florida and up the East Coast … (4 comments)

rich levin: A Story about Anger - 08/20/10 07:05 AM
Now I want to start by saying I often take calls from clients even though they are not scheduled to speak with me. My clients' feel comfortable calling if a situation arises in between coaching sessions. Today I had one such phone call.Denise was in the office after a good listing presentation. Although they didn't list that night she was very confident they were going too. She was excited and told another Agent in the office about it.  When she called the Seller back to check in the next day, they told her another Agent in her office had just called … (3 comments)

rich levin: The Negative Side of a Web Presence - 07/28/10 02:59 AM
Yesterday a coaching Client called and was wildly upset.  A current client of his had just "Googled" the Agent and found a very negative review posted on  It was a very NEGATIVE review. Luckily he had enough rapport with his client that he was able to explain the negative review and keep his client. Just think how many potential clients saw the review and never contacted him. By the way he also claims the review details are very inaccurate. This posting had been there for over a year and this Agent had no idea.
This Agent often checks his web presence. The problem … (6 comments)

rich levin: Do You Need or Want a Team? - 07/16/10 05:28 AM
I just completed a workshop on working with teams, it seems obvious that there is a lot of need out there for good coaching and intelligence on all the topics around assistants, buyer specialists and teams.  There are so many questions to be asked. The one I hear the most is "I think I need a team but I am not sure"If you think you need some help then you probably do.There are many facets to starting, maintaining and building a team. First you must decide who to hire first. Admin person or Buyer Specialist. Then you must write a comprehensive … (0 comments)

rich levin: The Body, Mind and Heart - 07/13/10 05:28 AM
These three elements are all required to be truly be successful as an Agent in Real Estate. Now when I speak of these three terms it is not in the traditional is what I mean.The Body refers to Systems, Skills, Habits, Knowledge and the tools of Real Estate.The Mind referes to Goals, Measured Results, Strategy, Choices, Decision and Thinking.The Heart refers to Self Motivation, Discipline, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Your Beliefs, Psychology and more.
All three are required. Here is a brief video explaining each one. The Three Elements of Success.

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