tax credit: So What Now? The Key to Disrupting Distraction and Getting Back to Work - 05/06/10 04:34 AM
The latest tax credit ended Friday with the exception of California (offering its own $10k tax credit far beyond today). 
Many Agents have been inundated with Buyers this week; Buyers who waited until the deadline.  As challenging as that has been (and continues to be) I congratulate those Agents.  Of course none of them will be reading this because they are busy seeing if they can still get one more deal in before the deadline. 
So what now?
It's very simple.  Get back to what has worked for you all along.  Get back to the systems and habits that have brought … (0 comments)

tax credit: The Countdown has Begun and all Heck is Breaking Loose - 08/10/09 07:43 AM
There are about sixty days left for first time Buyers to find a house and get it under contract.  The deadline for the $8,000 Federal Tax Credit to first time Buyers is a huge success.  Now (August) the higher priced homes are selling because all those Sellers of the first home price range are moving on up!!  Again, as in the 1980's and again in the 1990's Real Estate is raising this country out of financial difficulty.  The media doesn't report it this way but it is true.  When the housing market flourishes, the economy recovers and gains strength.  As the … (0 comments)

tax credit: Update on $8,000 Tax Credit - 05/22/09 01:25 AM
The other day I was one of the first people to hear and spread the news of the proposed use of the $8,000 tax credit as down payment money. There has been much talk and speculation and now it does appear that the government is rethinking this strategy. It was pulled because it appeared to violate a federal law that became effective October 1, 2008. Below are a few links about this. I will stay on top of this issue and keep you posted.,,id=206293,00.html (notice letter is no longer on this site)

tax credit: New Proposed Use of the Tax Credit - 05/14/09 01:55 AM
Recently Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan gave a speech at the National Association of Realtors Real Estate Summit. Below is an excerpt from his speech regarding FHA's position on the 8000 tax credit being used as a down payment:
"We are taking action to further help the housing market recover. I'm excited to announce here at NAR that FHA's policy on the "monetization" of the first-time homebuyer tax credit will soon be published. I know that you've been waiting anxiously to hear FHA's position on the matter. We, like you, believe that this new tax credit is not … (4 comments)

tax credit: Tax Credit in Your Marketing - 04/20/09 05:53 AM
I have received several questions about how to use the $8,000 tax credit in Agent Marketing. I have seen a lot of people use the phrase "find out if you qualify" or some such phrase.  It seems distracting to me as if it is hard to get this.  I recommend something like the following. 
Call (by the way this word needs to be capitalized) or email today to receive FREE FACTS or to make an appointment.  Every first time Buyer qualifies, this is part of the stimulus package that you or someone you know can take advantage of immediately.  There is … (2 comments)

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