listing leads: How to Level-Up Your Online Marketing Strategy for Real Estate In 2021 - 02/19/21 07:05 AM
Do you own a real estate brand, and you’re wondering how top agents drive sales with top-notch marketing strategies in 2021? You must implement some proficient marketing-strategies that will increase your brand’s visibility on the real estate market. 
Furthermore, prospective clients are more likely to work with realtors whose marketing features are appealing. Hence, you need to step up your game in 2021 by giving your brand the golden touch for its online marketing. 
Tools like SmartZip and Reach150 help to place your brand right in front of high-paying clients. And the beautiful part about this is, this will cost you little or nothing to … (0 comments)

listing leads: Best of the Bunch: 9 Proven Lead Generation Ideas - 02/19/21 06:46 AM
Generating leads is an important aspect of a marketing strategy for any business. However, it becomes even more challenging when it comes to lead generation in the real estate industry. So, if you are a real estate marketer or a business owner looking for the most effective lead generation ideas, you are in the right place.
Why is Lead Generation Important?Increasing your lead generation helps increase your chances of better ROIs by targeting the right audience and increasing brand awareness amongst them. However, most realtors make a classic mistake of not seeing the woods for the trees.
No marketing strategy in the world … (0 comments)

listing leads: Top 5 Tips For Winning A Listing in Real Estate - 02/18/21 10:50 AM
Are you on the verge of giving up on your career as a realtor? Have you tried several techniques but all to no avail? As a listing agent, searching for a homeowner looking to sell a house is one of the most challenging parts, and demands consistent work. The same can be said for winning listings. Most of the time, this may seem so demanding that it appears as though you are fighting an uphill battle. 
Worry less, as in this post, you will be exposed to some proven tips on how to win real estate listings from homeowners as a real estate agent!  
1. … (0 comments)

listing leads: The Fastest Ways to Get Real Estate Seller Leads and Listings - 02/18/21 10:47 AM
Top Ways to Generate Real Estate LeadsGenerating Leads takes a strong combination of having good data and good marketing. There are many ways to reach a home owner looking to sell their home, but it takes a diverse and consistent approach to build your brand and be first in the door to new listings.Build your own Custom TerritoryTerritory builder gives you the power to download leads in any zip code. Simply draw the area you want on our interactive map. It’s that simple. Once the data is uploaded into your account under People, it will be tagged using the name you … (1 comments)

listing leads: Smart Data and Predictive Analytics: The Secret Behind Top-Performing Realtors - 02/18/21 10:40 AM
Smart data and predictive analytics is the bedrock of modern technology. Their relevance is felt in almost all spheres, including AI, health, human resource, metrology, etc. Another significant entrance in the long list is the real-estate industry.  
Realtors employ this technology to know who is likely to sell or buy a property. Could it be the secret behind top-performing firms and agents? Read on to find out that and more. 
What is Predictive Analytics? Predictive or advanced analytics is a technique that uses historical and real-time data to predict future events. For the realty industry, it provides info about the likelihood of a house … (0 comments)

listing leads: What is Smart Targeting in Real Estate? And Should You be Using it? - 02/18/21 10:36 AM
Smart Targeting When it comes to almost every aspect of real estate, from getting leads to closing with clients, technology has become a necessity for any realtor who wants to move up in the business. The market is now data-driven more than ever and sticking to traditional means of getting leads and selling listings will only hold you back. Especially when there are tools all around you that can help you be more efficient. 
That makes it all the more important to maximize your use of technology to grow your business, and that is where Smart Targeting comes in. Smart Targeting is an online tool … (1 comments)

listing leads: The Future of Bitcoin and Real Estate - 02/18/21 09:58 AM
(For those who don't know what Bitcoin is - it probably makes sense for you to "google it" and then come back. But the short explanation (which doesn't do it justice) is that Bitcoin is a combination of digital currency + a digital asset which allows for secure storage and movement of value from one person to another without any banks of governments in control or in the middle of the transaction.
Ok, so let's dig into the future of real estate and bitcoin (e.g. crypto currency).
How will Bitcoin impact the Future of Real EstateBefore we get into the top trends we see coming … (0 comments)

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