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The days of getting a loan with low FICO'S may soon be over. I just read where there is a huge amount of defaults in the subprime loan market. The article said close to 10% of the loans in this category are going into default or are at least 60 days behind! Owch... there was a lot of creative fin...
Awhile back I blogged about Blue Shield canceling about 5500 Realtors and their families in California. At the time it seemed like a very terrible thing as I wasn't sure that I would be able to get health insurance as I had Cancer about 4 years ago. A great guy came out from Shasta Health Insuran...
I just came across a fixer in Redding today for $875,000. Yes you read it right a fixer. Now granted it does have 6 bedrooms and 5 baths and it is on the river but $875,000. Wow. From the pictures, and there were not many (wonder why) it looks like the home needs a remodel....or more appropriatel...
The active available inventory of homes remains in the 1575-1625 range with buyers starting to enter the market place. The spring time usually brings more buyers out and we are experiencing this right now. There are still plenty of homes to choose from in most all price ranges right now. Seller c...
Blue Shield of California, C.A.R.'s endorsed health insurance carrier, recently notified C.A.R. that it is canceling its endorsed Group Health insurance program effective May 31, 2007, and not renewing the program after that date. Their actions impact more than 8,000 members and their families, w...
Credit scores...most people are not experts on them. They are however the lifeblood of getting a home loan. Have excellent credit scores (Fico's) can mean the difference of a lot of money when it comes time to make that house payment. There is a free service that anyone can take advantage of each...
I just read an article that mentions one large bank in particular is getting rid of 100% financing and is doing some drastic changes. It makes sense as the lenders were making loans to those that probably shouldn't have had a home loan for the last 4-5 years or so. They could justify it because m...
The inventory of homes remains in the 1550-1600 range with the market still favoring the buyers. Sellers are still willing to give some concessions on many properties and new homes are offering many more incentives than a year ago. We are seeing an increase in foreclosures as many people in the l...
Are you considering a move to the greater Shasta County region of Northern California? If so please utilize my advanced search software to help you find a home here.There is no cost or obligation to using this search site and no one will email or call or bother you! It's kind of refreshing I am g...
Moving day....ahhh show me someone that loves to move and I will show you an elephant with a short trunk! It is one of those necessary evils that we all get to experience sooner or later. Sooner or later you or someone that you know will be moving. Who knows you might even be helping them so with...


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