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Great article for anyone out there thinking of doing a 1031X into a TIC. This article explains the benefits of getting into a larger pool of investors. Doing a 1031X is not a big deal if you know what you are doing or have great people helping you. I help people do 1031X's and if you need to park...
I talked with a client today that I had not seen in awhile. He mentioned that they might want to sell in the near future. He said they had re financed about a year ago or so and that the mortgage was getting ready to adjust. He is not alone. There are so many adjustables out there getting ready t...
I had a great experience today at the city of redding. I had to go there to do some research for a client. Boy how things have changed! Changed for the better is what I experienced. In the past you waited for 15-20 minutes to talk to a planner and then some of them had an attitude. Today was a re...
The numbers are coming in and they are not looking pretty. The number of homes in the pre-foreclosure or foreclosure stage is dramatic! Too many buyers the last 3 years took out adjustable rate mortgages with teaser rates that were just too good to be true. Approximately 1.3 Trillion dollars in a...
Hello we read about it daily the slaughter that is happening in the sub prime market and the effects of what loose money did. The banks are tightening up and getting a loan with marginal credit is not a reality for some right now. There are options out there though for first time home buyers with...
Well the mint usually doesn't make too many mistakes but when they do some really profit. The new George Washington $1 coin is a good example. People are flocking to banks today to get as many rolls as they can to see if the might be lucky enough to get a roll of flawed coins. They mint sent out ...
The inventory of homes continues to range between 1600-1650 active available homes on the MLS. Builders are increasing their incentives to keep the new home segment selling. Sellers are being creative and offering things that we haven't seen in years to get their homes sold. There are many homes ...


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