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I just read that a manager of a Wendy's restaurant was shot numerous times because he refused to give a customer more chili sauce....Folks let me just say it's not worth the sauce ok!! Seems pretty bizarre that someone would do something that extreme but these days you never know.http://www.msnbc...
There's no doubt that spending a little time in Jail will change one's outlook on life. I can't personally comment on it but if you ask Martha Stewart I think you will come to the conclusion that even celebrities sometimes have to follow the rules! I see where she thinks that jail time is both cr...
We all get down one time or another in our lives. Sometimes there is more month than paycheck or in our case commission check. When things look really bad just go to this website and see just how rich you are compared to the rest of the WORLD. It is really an eye opener to plug the numbers in an...
The inventory or active available homes has been hovering around the 1850-1900 range now for many weeks. The buyers in the market place appear fickle with low offers being thrown out all over the board to see if some seller is truly DESPERATE. There are some motivated seller's out there and there...
It's happening again...thanks to some profit seekers on wall street. Seems the last time people were doing this we had the Enron meltdown not to mention other problems. In the below article the author( who is a pretty smart guy) tells us what is up with this saga again. Remember the Brownouts and...
There are many different types of homes out there. Some are wood framed and some steel. In fact in some area's of the country homes are constructed out of concrete! In our area I have noticed that some of the builders are staying on top of what consumers want. This is a good thing. Especially in ...


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