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Redding California Real Estate information for buyers and sellers in the Shasta County area of Northern California.Providing you with info on shortsales, short sales,foreclosures,pre-foreclosures and more.



Are you looking for a different town to live in far removed from traffic and crime? You might want to consider the town of Palo Cedro. Palo Cedro is located east of the city of Redding in Shasta County. If you like the country atmosphere and don't mind a 10 minute drive to Costco and major shoppi...
I am constantly asked by consumers and clients why did you name your company Atlantis Realty? Well the answer is pretty simple. I wanted something different that stood out and was easy to remember. I think that by being different (from all the other companies) that,is a good thing. I pride myself...
I am amazed at the number of sellers in the market place that refuse to list their homes at the correct price to start with! It's not ALL the sellers fault I must admit. There are plenty of agents out there that will still take ANY listing to just HAVE a listing. The overly eager agent plus a gre...
Builders across the nation are hopping on the bandwagon and building more environmentally friendly homes. It's a great thing and the consumers out there will be the real winners when the utility bills shows up! Locally here we are starting to see some solar subdivisions sprouting in the dirt and ...
We hoped sooner or later that builders would start building some super effiecient homes in our area and that day has come. Redding now has a solar subdivision that has opened up. The city of Redding electrical rates are about 20-25% less than PG&E's but many buyers out there like the idea of litt...
This ranch is located outside the city or Redding in the town of Whitmore California. I took the picture in the sping of 2006. I was looking for land for a client and had my camera with me that day.You can see Mt Lassen in the background with snow on it. Whitmore is about 40 minutes outside Reddi...
The world famous Sundial Bridge is located in Redding California. It is a real treasure to our community and it is fun to walk across and see all the wildlife on the Sacramento River below. The bridge has a clear decking that allows you to see people walk across when you at the bottom of the brid...
The American Flag is located on North Bechelli lane in Redding California. God Bless america and our troops overseas! This was taken on a clear day and I caught jet plane at around 30,000 feet in the background. The plane was probably heading towards either Portland Oregon or to Seattle Wash. The...
We thought prices in California were high...check out this article on prices in London England....owch. makes Los Angeles and San Diego look really cheap.It also makes Shasta County seem too good to be true....If you want to see all the active available home...
I recently worked with a very nice couple that were interested in purchasing in a very desireable area of my county that I cover. They put in an offer on a home that was in the short sale phase and the bank never responded to their offer at ALL-Thanks WAMU. Now the home is going to auction. I am ...


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