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Redding California Real Estate information for buyers and sellers in the Shasta County area of Northern California.Providing you with info on shortsales, short sales,foreclosures,pre-foreclosures and more.



Conservation Easements...many of us have heard of them but quite know what they are or are all about. A conservation Easement can be explained most easily in this way-A conservation easement is a voluntary, legally binding agreement that limits certain types of uses or prevents development from t...
Hello, there are so many options out there right now to build a super energy efficient home! I am excited to share this new information and help you to help the environment. A (ZEH) Zero Energy Home will yield many benefits to it's owners not only will it save you money on your monthly electric b...
Xeriscape landscapes are defined as "quality landscaping that conserves water and protects the environment." There are seven principles associated with Xeriscape landscapes:   1) Planning and Design 2) Soil Improvement 3) Appropriate Plant Selection 4) Practical Turf Areas 5) Efficient Irrigatio...
We have all heard about Solar power and alternative energy etc but how many have heard much about the benefits of Passive Solar to heat their homes? Passive Solar if done correctly has been show to save a home owner up to 40% on their heating bills! There are 5 main points to an effective Passive...
For all the people out there that may be having to do a short sale on their homes there is a new bill out there that will really benefit many people if it is passed. It is called HR3648 and it basically makes the difference between what you sell for and what is owed and makes that amount NON taxa...
Greeting all, the active available homes on the market today has dropped below the 2000 mark. This is the first time it has been below 2000 in quite some time. What does mean? Many Sellers that have expired listings or that have been on the market for 6+ months and didn't sell are letting there h...
Have you ever sat in a room and had 20 people sitting around and tell one person a sentence and have them repeat it back to each person on their left all the way around the room and then at the end what was told is NOTHING close to what was said originally to the first person? This is similar to ...
ICF HOMESMany people are not familiar with the options out there to build with today. Concrete formed homes (ICF) are an excellent option for many people that want to build a green home. These are especially great in fire prone area's all over our area and other areas here in California.A concret...
Are you an investor looking for bulk purchases of non performing assets? We have small to large pools available direct from Wall Street's largest companies. This is a direct connection to non performing assets that are being sold off in bulk in lots starting at $20 Million.If you are interested i...
We have all heard about credit card scams but this one is PRETTY TRICKY! Read it and be aware if you get a call like this one-This one is pretty slick since they provide YOU with all the information,except the one piece they want. The callers do not ask for your card number;they already have it. ...


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