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Happy New Year to everyone out there. May your 2008 be even better than your 2007! As we enter this time of the year it gives us all a reason to be thankful and reflect back on the previous year. It is also a time to reach out to those that you haven't contacted in years and re establish some con...
Greetings all, every now and then there is a home that comes to market at a price that is just too good to be true. I am listing a very nice home with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and a decent sized back yard. This home is around 1300 sq.ft and the owners contacted me and asked me what is it going to take...
12/31/2007 interesting to learn that salt is the single largest culprit to contribute to peoples health problems! Salt...It leads to high blood pressure,strokes,heart attacks and kidney failure just to list a few of the problems with too much salt on a regular basis.The typical American takes in ...
Theres a saying that one should never give up...never.You are only a loser if you give up and not until. Some of the wealthiest people in the world subscribed to this theory like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. Did you know that Edison tried 10,000 times to get the light bulb right...10,000!!! Anyo...
Mortgage Forgiveness Act Signed into Law Yesterday, President Bush signed H.R. 3648, The Mortgage Forgiveness Act of 2007, into law, sparing homeowners the tax burden associated with canceled mortgage debt. Prior to this action, forgiven mortgage debt due to foreclosure, short sale, or deed in li...
This is a pet peeve of mine. I call an agent to get a price on a property that is not on the MLS and it takes days to get back to me with a simple price? I don't know maybe he has closed 20 million this year or something but even if that is so he should be helping his client out by trying to sell...
Green...building green, Eco, earth friendly...terms that you are starting to hear more about all the time. Then there is the skeptics out there that think it doesn't make sense to spend a little more to build green...that it can't be worth the additional costs to do a "green" project. Well there ...
I just read a very interesting article. One agent is making the best of this market that we are currently having. In Stockton Ca there are a huge number or foreclosures. In fact Stockton has been severely impacted by the sub prime fall out.The Median home price in Stockton has dropped 26%...Owch!...
Greetings, we are now receiving our new inventory of Bulk REO/NPL pools once again. These should go fast. If you have direct buyers and are not more than one step away from them feel free to contact me immediately. We do not work with anyone that is more than 1 step from the buyer! No daisy chain...
There are usually two sides to every coin.Heads and tails on money.Right now lends itself to one of the best times in the last 20 years to purchase real estate. Don't believe me? Well here is just one example...A local Broker (name withheld to save him from a stoning) purchased a VERY nice custom...


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