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With the market being down the first category to heat up is the lowest priced homes. We are seeing multiple offers on some of the REO's that are priced RIGHT to start with. We are also seeing other REO's sit month after month and then make some serious price reductions to generate interest to get...
The greater Redding Ca home inventory is shrinking indicating that things should start to pick up soon. If this holds it shows that this area may indeed be less susceptible than other areas and this area's prices won't go down as far as other area's like merced/fresno/stockton.There are still man...
Are looking to learn more about the green revolution? Do you want to know more about green building or green remodeling and what your options are? The Green California Summit and Exposition is heading to Sacramento the 7th of April to help inform people from all walks of life. From consumers to b...
An interesting thing has been happening. The active available homes on the market is actually going down...not up! If this continues we should see prices stabilize soon. We are at 1665 active available homes right now on the MLS. there is continued activity out there in the under $225-250k range....
I just read where an 18 year old was arrested for drug possession. What is so special about that you might ask? Well it seems that she deposited the drug Meth into an ATM machine along with her normal deposit.I think this one has to go to the top of the "Stupidest things that people have done" li...
I thought it was too good to be true....a place where spammers wouldn't tread....I was wrong...I just got my first Nigerian spam on Active Rain!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHSomeone please take thisĀ  guy down!!! And I was having a great day until I found this spammer hitting me up on Active Rain o...
Wow what a day for news. The US caught up with some individuals that sold top secret info to China.I would just like to say one thing here folks...SELLING OUT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA SHOULD LAND THESE PEOPLE IN THE ELECTRIC CHAIR!!!Then I read that two Russian planes buzzed one of our aircra...
A new study out suggests that our nations ports are actually the main culprits in polluting our great nations air! This one took me by surprise as my guess would have been factories and cars etc.The study known as "U.S. Container Ports and Air Pollution" is the result of a 10 month study and work...


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