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Redding California Real Estate information for buyers and sellers in the Shasta County area of Northern California.Providing you with info on shortsales, short sales,foreclosures,pre-foreclosures and more.



The numbers are rising in the Pre Foreclosure and Foreclosure arenas.Here are the current numbers-Shasta County Pre foreclosures-501Shasta County Foreclosures-138For investors and those with cash now is a great time to research and pickup a bargain.It is not unheard of to pick up a property for a...
There is an interesting company out there that I have come across. It is a website where people can go and borrow money directly from the person that is making the loan!! Kind of like direct to the source lending I guess you can say. You go to the website and sign up and then people that want to ...
It's a scene out of a horror film,yet is happened to one unfortunate person on Jacksonville Oregon.Apparently a very evil person placed an ad on Craigslist with the address of this homeowner stating that EVERYTHING was free as the man had to leave the area immediately.Whom ever placed the ad even...
The Foreclosures continue to climb here in Shasta County.Today there are over 560 Pre-Foreclosures and Foreclosures taking place. Do you know how to purchase one of these properties? Do you know the in's and the out's of purchase a distressed property or a bank repo? Let me help you today.The fir...
We have all used them at one time or another in our lives. We pull in and get a tank of gas and sometimes a drink or something to eat or snack on. Convenience stores have been around for awhile now and for some they are their ticket to making a good living.Most convenience stores are located in b...
So what did you think? If you want to learn more about this exciting building method I recommend getting info from expert sources. It's like when you are really sick. Do you perform surgery on yourself or go to a Doctor? The same is true when learning anything new....get expert help to learn it a...
Strawbale homes are certainly becoming more popular these days. With a barrel of oil well over $100 and home heating costs going up each year and not down I am sure that we will see more people checking into the Strawbale alternative!Most people don't know much about building straw bale homes. In...
Ranch lands. There are many people looking for small and large ranches in our area. Most of the folks looking for a ranch are from outside the area. They may have sold a ranch somewhere else or an income property etc and always wanted to own a ranch.Ranching is good honest work...not easy that is...
Strawbale homes...the images are many for most. Some are of little rodents in the walls and other such things. The truth is Straw is an excellent natural resource that can not only insulate a home to an extremely high degree but there is not room or way for the rodents to get into the walls! Most...
Are you interested in building a straw bale home? If so here are some links to info that can help you in your information gathering stage. Straw bale homes are a unique and very efficient home home that can save you on your utility bills and can make your home your own little fortress! They are u...


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