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There are some wireless speaker options that are pretty cool...Check out my earlier blog post on that.The real question on this new law is this "Will it be enforced". We shall see. I have heard the first offense is only $50 and that it doesn't add any points on your record so the insurance compa...
If you have ever wondered why teens have some of the highest insurance rates in the world check out.No animals were hurt in the making of this least the author believes that none were...unless they were in that vehicle on that particular day.... codebase="
Thinking about purchasing a home and have more than a couple credit cards? You may want to think about stepping up the pace in your home search as top Banks are lowering their customers credit limits on their credit cards thus driving the customers FICO's down in the near future! This is not good...
It's that time of year again when I get questions on gardening. Some of my clients know I love to garden and some say do a pretty decent job at it. Not all bugs are bad...I had to teach my son-5 that bugs are an important part of the garden.He of course wanted to step on all the "Little Guys' as ...
Shasta lake, Shasta Dam and Mt Shasta. The Redding California area is home to many outdoor recreational opportunities. Whether you like to bike or fish or water ski, chances are very good that you will find something fun to do here. Yes it gets warm in the summer time but other than that we have...
I just found a company that installs solar on people's roof tops and leases the panels to them! Wow, now there is an idea. Lets see here for example live outside the city of redding ca. You currently pay PG&E $300-$400 a month on average. Many people are paying much more than that righ...
Don't get caught with a cell phone to your ear in less than a week! The first ticket I understand is $50 and the next ones are much higher! If an officer sees you with a cell phone up to your ear after July 1st 2008 that is reason enough to pull you over and check EVERYTHING out...Well mam I see ...
Everyone is looking for a fact over 25 people were shopping for a steal in the last fiasco that happened when a home was priced EXCEPTIONLY well by an agent that knew what he was doing...trying to generate some INTEREST AND OFFERS... so much so that he had to clear out his cell phone me...
Redding ca short sales   Shorts,short sales,short pays,short this and that.You have probably heard about short sales but what exactly are they and WHY do they take SO long you might be wondering? Short sales are simply where the owners of the property owe more on the loans than the property is wo...
I have to give credit where credit is due...There is one builder in Redding that "Gets it".They sold tons of homes when the market was hot and now that the market is not they are still selling homes! What magic bullet do they have that other developers and builders don't? Well they build a great ...


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