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The new act is signed and set to start soon but will you be able to take advantage of it if you have an adjustable rate mortgage currently? That is a great question.This now act is a 694 page bill and if you are so inclined and just plain bored and have all day with nothing to do you can check it...
I have had two calls in the last couple of weeks from unknown people asking to take away or help clean up a couple properties that I have listed. It sounded pretty weird until I checked into what some of the metal prices have been doing in the last couple of years. Now I know why...Wow I had no i...
I heard the news on the quake in Southern California yesterday. It doesn't suprise me but none the less it should serve as a wake up call and a test of the systems in place when they have that 7.0 someday...No one exects a large quake but when they hit they are extremely destructive. With the fir...
Tensions are rising in some citys across the nation as more and more people are riding bikes,moped's and other alternative forms of transportation.With gas over $4.00 a gallon recently sharing the road has made it difficult for many people. In this video we see a cyclist going for the ride of his...
The housing rescue bill is soon to become law and this article covers all the major areas of it to help you find out if you can take advantage of it.Remember there is no such thing as a free lunch...TANSTAFL...and yes it applies to housing also. Whether you take advantage of the new government pr...
Here are some tips for growing better cucumbers in the heat of the Redding California area. #1 Make sure your plants have plenty of water.At  least 2 different times during the hot day! #2.Make sure they dont get too hot...I know its hard here when it is 112 out to make sure they dont get too hot...
Wow it's been a long 3-4 weeks now with smoke filled skies around here. In fact one day it was so smokey that I could hardly see a tree behind my fence about 80 feet away.The skies are clear today and the fires are almost out. A special big thanks to all those hard working firefighters and all th...
There is no G phone...this is a software only application that runs on mobile phones.Google is offering up to $10 million dollars to developers to build new software with the architecture.Google is hoping that people take to this like all the other Google projects. It has 3 G networking built in...
We all get them...sometimes 3-4 a I am not talking about headaches! But in a sense they are headaches....not to mention how many trees were killed!! I am talking about those credit card offers we get in the mail...I got two from the same credit card company on the same day...TWO.The sa...
It happens all the time.Renters move in and pay their rent and security deposit and then months or years later they start getting notices on thier door and things don't quite seem right. With the default rate going up on homes across California and other parts of the country it is important to kn...


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