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Bamboo floors...many people have heard of these.What about Bamboo counter tops? Have you heard of these? Yes indeed...there are a variety of products that one can incorporate into their next remodel. You don't have to be Michelle Kaufmann to do a kitchen remodel and put some Green into it! There ...
EEM's...Energy Efficient Mortgages...many people don' t know a thing about them or have never heard of them.What are these things you ask? EEM's are mortgages that are used to do energy efficient upgrades to a home.Let's say you have an older home built in 1950...your utility bills are currenty r...
It's not everyday you see a true "Green" home for sale in the greater Redding California area. There is one builder locally that is marketing their semi-custom track homes as green but a real true honest to goodness green home? Those are hard to come least in this neck of the woods. So he...
There has been some controversy over the website forsalebyowner and how they are putting FSBO listings on the Realtor's website The way they are doing it is to go through a limited service broker who then uploads the listing to his MLS and then It doesn't matter which ML...
There is a website on the internet where they buy your old electronic devices and pay you.The best part is that by using this company you get to help the environment and make a couple bucks! Imagine if everyone instead of just throwing out their old electronics used a site like this.We could save...
I got a call today from my sister. Now, that is not shocking because we have a great relationship but I realized something today.Even family members are like regular sellers! What do I mean by this? Well, she wanted me to put some of their properties on the Internet. That by itself is not a probl...
There is a proposition on the books that may benefit you if you were thinking of selling that small older home that you have had for 20-30 years that you paid a very low sum for! Prop 60 says that if you meet the following criteria you may be able to transfer your OLD tax base to your NEW home! T...
Things have used to be that when you went to a website that said in its name Realtor you used to see Realtor only you will be seeing FSBO listings also. For more info on this click here now. My last blog made mention to "What is next Walmart will be getting into Real E...
No one likes moving but when you are upgrading and going from a ok office to a Spectacular one it makes it much easier.As most real estate companies are downsizing and making cuts our Redding office us moving up...Up in agents,up in profitablity and up to a two story executive office space locat...
100+ Green Gift Ideas 12 Natural Remedies Green Product Reviews Eat Safe The most fuel efficient cars And so much more. I wanted to share this site with you if you are wanting to "Green" your life a little....or alot! This site is rich with tips and tricks that will help you and your family be he...


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