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The owners of this property have cut the price in HALF to get it Sold. The offering consists of a 123 acres that has 22 Tentative Map Approved lots on it.Views of Mt.Shasta and of the Valley below.Located just above the heat and below the snow in what is considered a Bananna belt. Between the Cit...
    Prior to the War many people had gardens.In fact gardens were a way of life for almost everyone that lived in the country.In this article the author tells us about the resurgence in gardening...and organic of course! It's neat to see that so many are getting back to growing there own..."Food"...
Who says we can't learn from animals? This inspiring video shows that indeed, we can learn a lot from animals.In this instance it is Geese.They are amazing animals that fly some exceptional miles on their treks. Check out this video here now if you have 2 minutes and want to learn something reall...
Jim Cramer is a very gifted man. You either like him or you don't but one thing is for sure...he has been Right much more than he has been Wrong.All likes or dislikes aside what does he project on the bottom of the real estate market?? The end of June 2009 he sees as the bottom...That's interesti...
Yes indeed...the second mouse...If you have been in the business awhile you have probably noticed that there are expired listings almost if not Everyday.Some of these homes expire for ONE reason and ONE reason only...They are Overpriced. It used to be that you could take any home overpriced or no...
A lot has changed in the financing part of the successful real estate transaction.It used to be that you could go out and look at homes and find one and you were pretty much guaranteed to get a loan for how that has changed! Now the first step and the most important is to secure the real ...
Another Major Airline has tested "Alternative fuel" in one of its jets.This time a Continental Airlines 737 was the recipient of some more earth and sky friendly fuel! This marks the second test by major airlines testing of alternative fuels. The fuel of choice This time? Algae...Yep the green st...
For all those that have a little tech savvy and want to Boost their Firefox Browser speed check out this article that will help you do just that....put the fire to the fox! I am finding it is about twice as fast after the tweaks... Now if you don't have a little tech Savvy in you I would pass on ...
The Foreclosure report shows that there are a total of 820 properties in Shasta County that are either Pre-Foreclosure,Trustee's sale coming up or Bank Owned REO. There was a lull for the last month as the regulators and banks took a breather during the Holidays. Shasta County Pre-Foreclosures= T...
The list reads a who's who in the food industry and unfortunately there are more products listed daily to the DO NOT EAT list...Read up if you have kids or anything that contains peanut butter or peanut butter paste in it! There are more people across the country daily that are sick from this lat...


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