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The market is picking up steam especially in the lower price ranges.Here is the current data for the end of Feb 2010   Active homes on the MLS = 1378 Pendings=454 Active Available homes= 924 REO's =182 Short Sales= 245   SEARCH FOR REDDING AREA HOMES ON THE REALTOR'S MLS BELOW NOW.....INSTANT ACC...
Liquid gold....It's raining again here in Redding....a welcome site as the lake continues to fill up and they are getting more snow on the Mountain...all good stuff...Water is an important commodity... If you are a seller knowing your water rights when you go to sell your land is equally importan...
If you have been thinking of purchasing a home now is a great time if you want to take advantage of the tax credit. You must have a home in escrow (signed contract) prior to April 30th and close by the end of July of this year to take advantage of this generous credit. Keep in mind you are not go...
I was out yesterday walking a 40 acre parcel and taking pictures. My clients are looking for a special property with a creek and I was enjoying the day while getting them the pictures they needed. Out of the blue while on the property two men were walking down an old road on the land. It kind of ...
I had some clients that were foreclosed upon even though we had an offer into One West Bank on their home.It all makes so much sense now why they don't want to do many Loan Mod's or Short Sales....With the deal they have it certainly doesn't make sense to do them!!! Here is a link to see what "Re...
I just got off the phone with a new was an Internet lead....seemed to have promise an hour ago....but then things changed....What changed? Well....the prospect called 3 times in 3 minutes while I was on my land line...No big deal you say....agreed....I called him back....He said "I...
It seems there should be a question added to the list when showing people a home that is close to a school. I learned something today that I didn't know...the other agent didn't either and was great to work with and now we are all the wiser....Apparently is is not legal to grow Medical Marijuana ...
We all use Craigslist to get some extra exposure on our listings but lately it has been quite obvious that the spammers and scammers have been trolling it also! I got an email today that he was interested in my listing....ok fair enough....he mentioned that we would have to work out the pick up d...
It's unfortunate that there are so many spammer and scammers using or coming from Nigeria. I began to think about this for a moment...what if an actual real life person "Actually" did want to purchase some real estate in our area? Well...for one they probably would't get the time of day...why? We...


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