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The good deals abound and the sound of rain is all about....with approx 16 inches of rain thus far in Janurary 2010 we have been hopeful the weather will continue and bring us out of this 4 year drought! There is no drought of Bank owned homes and good deals in the marketplace. From Mcmansions ov...
In what could be one of the greatest stories to date I talked with a great gal who needed a loan mod and didn't give up until she got one.She had a first and a second and STILL got the loan mod done! She is the first person I have come across to date that actually got a loan mod with both a first...
Whether you are a home owner that needs to know what to do because you are behind on your payments or a home buyer/investor that wants to get a great deal getting the information you need "First" is critical. There are many things I do as a local Broker to help people and give them information. I...
There is a lot of talk about the "Making home affordable"program out there. It's concept is great on the surface but in reality it is an idea that is not being executed! Not even by the banks that are signed up to do it....great fact I give it an "A" for the idea.....the implementation...
When your hours are cut back or you get divorced and things change sometimes making all your bills can be difficult.If you are experiencing problems paying all your bills you may consider seeking some free help to talk about your situation. Clearpoint is a non profit organization that helps milli...
If you are seeking a Loan Mod you might want to talk with an Attorney or Realtor to get more info. If you want to start the process on your own here is a link that will allow you to download the application to get the process going.Keep in mind most lenders are backed up many many months so even ...
There are many things that people need to know to make wise decisions.In the area of short sales a owner needs to know that once they start the Foreclosure process they don't stop it.Even if you have a loan Mod in place the lender has not given up their right to Foreclose! If the loan mod doesn't...
Interest is heading UP....and according to many it will not be in the 5's again for a LONG time! Reason number 1 to buy now-Interest rates! Reason number 2-take advantage of the tax credit! Reason number 3 inventories are still great to choose from!   Waiting to purchase can cost you in these thr...
There are many people waiting to time the "Bottom" of the home price AND get a smoking rate.When is that time? That's a good question...the lender I work with are all saying that interest will be going up...and will probably not be going down again any time soon! If a person waits to purchase for...


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