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About a year ago we started using Google Docs in our office for collaborating on projects that involve more than one contributor - anything that requires team work. We provide promotional services for a lot of different types of companies, and each company often needs several different components...
I got my first computer back in the early 1980s. It wasn't until just a couple of months ago that the advantages of having my computer desktop stretched across dual monitors dawned on me. This is pretty amazing when I think of it. For years I ran a computer graphics business with other members of...
When I first heard of "tankless" water heaters my first reaction was "too good to be true". What a tankless system claims to do is cut your energy costs. It does this by eliminating the tank and therefore the necessity to keep reheating the water in the tank because of inevitable heat loss. No ta...
Many areas outside of our major cities do not have a municipal sewer system, and instead rely on individual septic systems to drain and treat their waste water. In some ways a septic tank is a pretty "green" system. But not if it is mistreated. Of course not everybody knows how a septic tank work...
Generally speaking, electric or gas hot water systems account for as much as 20% of a household’s energy usage. Of course this depends on the climate in your area, but you get the general idea. A big problem is that we turn our hot water heaters up too high. Then to cool the water down to a tempe...

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