texas hill country realty: Spring Buying Season is Here! - 03/08/17 06:28 PM
Can you feel the excitement in the air?  I can.
Spring buying season is here!  Spring Break starts this weekend and summer is right around the corner.  It is time to put your home on the market if you are thining of selling this year.  It is time to get pre-approved for a loan if you are thinking about buying a property this year.  Don't hesitate.  Get busy right now.
If you hurry and get those deferred maintenance issues out of the way and spruce up your home before putting it on the market, you might get a better price for it.  If … (2 comments)

texas hill country realty: Never Fail MeatLoaf - 08/20/14 12:53 PM
Do you like meatloaf?  Most people do, I think.  I do not make it very often as the recipe will feed quite a few people, so I make it when I have company.  Which was the case tonight and we feasted.  It was very good.  A great comfort food when you are not counting calories and you really want that Full Feeling.
I start with 1-2 lbs of good hamburger.                                         "wish I had a photo but it's all gone :)"
Then … (16 comments)

texas hill country realty: Zillow buys Trulia - 07/28/14 09:57 AM
First, it was Active Rain being bought out by Trulia.  Now, it is Zillow buying Trulia.  It has been announced that 3.5 billion in stock is the price of this company and the ink will soon be dry.
How will this affect us?  As Rainers, and as agents and brokers, nobody really knows.
It is the talk of the industry right now.  Things are changing.  It seems the big guys get bigger and the small guys disappear.  The old familiar saying, the rich get richer, poor get poorer.
The problem I have with this, is Zillow always seems to have so … (6 comments)

texas hill country realty: The Most Interesting Thing in the World - 07/17/14 04:19 AM
I've been to a lot of places traveling for pleasure and business.  I've seen some very impressive mountains.  I've seen some of the tallest, oldest and largest trees in the world.
I've seen oceans with powerful waves and currents.  The fish and wildlife in the oceans is also impressive to me.  I love nature and there is not a creature found that is not interesting to me.  I love watching birds of all kinds, shapes, sizes, and colors.  The different sounds birds make are very interesting. But there is something else more interesting than all these.
I've been to deserts and … (6 comments)

texas hill country realty: Not Happy with Rockport - 07/08/14 12:12 AM

I normally never say anything bad about an area but I am choosing not to hold my tongue about this.
I had heard the fireworks display in Rockport was pretty great, so this year we decided to check it out.  It is true, there were lots of fireworks.
What else I saw made me never want to go there again.
There were thousands and thousands of cars lined along the street and the streets are two lanes in each direction.  People brought their lawn chairs and families out to watch the fireworks.  Good community involvement, huh?  What I saw was … (3 comments)

texas hill country realty: Why is it people who have the least waste the most? - 06/29/14 08:56 AM
Maybe it is because they waste so much that they have the least.
I am talking specifically about wasting money on electricity.  We all want to be comfortable.  With central heat and air conditioning, it is not hard but paying the electric bill can be.
There are many things you can do to save money.  One is to keep your thermostat at a reasonable rate. The electric company suggests not going below 78 degrees in the summer or above 72 degrees in the winter.  I try this but sometimes I just have to fudge myself.  I put it back after a … (8 comments)

texas hill country realty: What I remember about my Dad on Father's Day 2014 - 06/15/14 03:13 AM
Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers.  
Happy Father's Day to my Dad that passed away a long time ago.
He was a great Daddy to me.  He had a great smile and an easy going personality.  He never met a stranger and everyone loved seeing him and visiting with him.  He was a good listener and a good storyteller too.  I could listen to all his old stories about the past for hours at a time.  He knew how to hold your attention.  His stories were sometimes long.  You never wanted to walk away for a moment, even as … (11 comments)

texas hill country realty: Scam in Kerrville may be coming to your area - 06/04/14 02:15 AM
This morning we had a call and a visit from a young man with a family looking for a home to rent in the Kerrville area.  He had come from one of our listings located in the country.  This listing is for sale only!
It is not for rent!
Why did he think it was?
He says he found it on TRULIA, he believes.  Looking at the emails it looks like the scammer got his info from a lead service.  He contacted the people advertising it and it was someone in Nigeria!
Not me, not our office.
He produced 4 different emails … (58 comments)

texas hill country realty: The Wood Home in Bayside, TX - 05/24/14 11:28 AM


The Wood Home in Bayside, Texas was built in 1875 by John and Nancy Wood.  You can read the historical marker that sits in front of the house.  This home was a mansion at the time and homes like this were as few as they are today in this area.  The materials were shipped by boat from Florida and Louisiana.  There are 8 bedrooms and 3 baths in this home.  It is constructed of Long Leaf Pine from Florida.  When I was there last year I learned that was a popular material to build with many years ago but … (15 comments)

texas hill country realty: Waterfront Sellers Biggest Mistake: Price - 05/10/14 07:56 AM

This is a great post by my good friend Joni Staples in Lake Livingston.  She says it all!
 We do not need to list overpriced homes.  They will not sell, then the seller gets angry with us and like Joni says our reputation is tarnished as well.
I have an agent that took one of these trying to help sellers that were in need.  Numerous times he has had to explain why buyers will not even look at his house. We have tried and tried to get some interest but there are many other homes like his for less money.  He … (9 comments)

texas hill country realty: Congratulations to the Spurs! - 05/04/14 12:24 PM
This weekend could not have been any better.  Visiting with family and friends and getting to watch my wonderful San Antonio Spurs play one of the best games ever!
Way to go Spurs!
They defeated the Dallas Mavericks by 119-96 in a fast paced, well played game.  Our Spurs defense did an excellent job holding the Mavs back and keeping the ball on our side.  Tony Parker shined as well as I knew he would. :)  My favorite player got hit in the face and his eye will be sore tomorrow as Blair seemed to try to hurt him.
Manu … (5 comments)

texas hill country realty: I saved $2,400. and improved my health in just 2 years - 04/27/14 04:33 AM
               Benjamin Franklin always said "A penny saved is a penny earned."
How did I do this?  It was so simple.  I cut my electric usage by opening the windows in the Spring and Fall and enjoying fresh air instead of recycled stale air.
I stopped using my dishwasher and found out I can wash the dishes by hand in just a few minutes time and they actually come out a lot cleaner.  I just air dry them, so I am off on my way to doing other things faster than if I were still … (35 comments)

texas hill country realty: The More I Give, the Less I Get - 04/19/14 09:37 AM

Ever have a situation where you feel like the more you give, the less you get?
This can be true in all kinds of situations in life. Whether it is the family or a friendship; relationships are difficult at times.  The same is true about real estate negotiations. 
Real estate is all about relationships.  We hear this all the time. How often have you really thought this through, however.  As agents and brokers working many deals over a career, we encounter times when a seller will take a low offer because they like the buyer.  OR, the opposite can be … (15 comments)

texas hill country realty: Is it ever OK to take money under the table? - 04/12/14 06:46 AM
No, no, and no!!!!!                                                 
Under what table?  There was no table.  The client wanted to give my agent $500.00 cash in an envelope.  Nobody would know, just my agent and a client of another REALTOR(R).
He wanted my agent to sell his home quickly.  My agent had shown this man's house several times and I suppose he thought if he gave my agent money "under the table", my agent would be persuaded to give his home more … (14 comments)

texas hill country realty: SANDFEST at Port Aransas this weekend! - 04/11/14 07:08 AM
Looking for something fantastically FUN to do?  Go to "SANDFEST" this weekend, April 11,12,13, 2014 at Port Aransas.  The beach will definitely be crowded and the fun will be ongoing.
Everyone is going!  YOU, be there too!
The sand sculptures will be better than ever.  How do they do that?  Here is a link to the official website.  Take a look at what all you will see; https://www.facebook.com/TexasSandFest  This is your chance to have fun in the sun.  The weather should be great.
Don't miss it.  Only happens once a year. :)
RICKI EICHLER REAL ESTATE           2916 Memorial Blvd             Kerrville, TX   … (2 comments)

texas hill country realty: Sunset Lake Park, Portland TX has great fishing - 04/07/14 01:41 AM

     Sunset Lake Park in Portland, TX is a great place to go fishing.  It is a lake along an area of  Corpus Christi Bay.  You can either fish in the lake or in the bay.  Either way you will probably catch some fish.  There is parking along this stretch of land and just an easy walk over to the bay.  Wade fishing is popular here also.
At the end of the road, there is a parking lot of asphalt so those of you who do not want to get sand in your shoes, won't have to.  This is … (5 comments)

texas hill country realty: Sunday Morning Beautiful - 03/23/14 02:37 AM
A light mist of rain is falling on the Texas coast this morning.  The hummingbirds are flying back and forth to the feeders hanging from the back porch.  The lemon tree and the mandarin and the tangelo are sprouting bright white blossoms. 
Ring neck doves as big as pigeons find their way to the china berry tree where feeders hang gently swaying in the balmy breeze.  A warm 69 degrees makes it feel like early Spring.  Songbirds sing their songs, other birds chatter in the background.  The Earth is blooming, growing, and changing with each passing day.  Seeds are sprouting. Green … (12 comments)

texas hill country realty: Fishing is Not Just for Guys - 03/20/14 12:58 PM

Fishing is a great pasttime.  It can be a sport or just a way to relax.  Fishing in the bays along the beautiful Gulf Coast is my way of having fun.
I love to fish for Big Reds or Speckled Trout but I will gladly take whatever comes my way.
Just give me a fishing pole, some bait and leave me alone!  Don't talk a lot, you'll disturb the fish.
Don't know where to go?  Come to Corpus Christi and go east toward Aransas Pass.  Conn Brown Harbor is there near the bridge.  The bridge leads to the … (5 comments)

texas hill country realty: How Does the Weather Affect your Sales? - 03/15/14 02:13 AM
How important is the weather in your business plan?  Do you take notice of the forecasts and do you plan your day around the weather?
In our area of Texas, the weather plays a big part in how much business we do on a day to day basis.  It can get really hot in the summertime and lots of people do not want to look at homes when it is too hot outside.  We are also a community that draws retirees and I find that older people cannot tolerate the heat as well as most younger ones, so the heat can … (19 comments)

texas hill country realty: The Most Destructive Thing You Do All Day Long - 03/09/14 01:40 AM
Oh, but you say, "I don't do that!"  Stop and think about it.  Everyday you put off doing something that you know would make you money, improve your skills, improve your relationships, etc.  Everyday there is something.
Why are human beings so prone to procrastination?
Good question.  We all do this.  Maybe it is a task we don't think we should have to do.  Maybe it is something we really despise doing or maybe it is just plain and simple rebellion on our part.  Rebellion, you ask?  Yes, we fight against ourselves often to our own detriment.
For example, … (7 comments)

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