marketing: Landing pages that scale - Mobile to Desktop - 10/11/11 03:42 PM
You want your pages to look nice on a mobile phone when you're doing QR code marketing.
However, you also want them to look nice on a desktop if you're asking people to share links.
You might even be buying ads on facebook or google and want a landing page that looks good on either platform.
Have a look at this video about the newest scan2 layout's on the landing pages, especially the listing one, they scale beautifully.
To see an example of the real estate listing page you can visit this link:
You can try it for free … (3 comments)

marketing: QR Codes for marketing real estate [FREE WEBINAR] - 03/27/11 09:13 AM
I'll be hosting a free webinar about using QR codes in Real Estate.

Come sign up for updates.
If you want to try it for free, you'll have to join the webinar list.
Saves you $150.. so get on it.

marketing: Are you using QR Codes in your marketing? - 03/27/11 04:54 AM
Loading... Learn about how we've been using QR codes here:
QR Code Marketing for Real Estate

marketing: Anthony Morrison Speaking about Facebook and Social Marketing - 11/24/10 05:38 AM
Anthony Morrison Facebook and Affiliate Marketing Anthony Morrison spoke at Canada Marketing Summit about affiliate marketing and software that he's created to monitor campaigns on facebook and to generate ads for other platforms like plenty-o-fish

If you know about affiliate marketing, or you're not interested in it, then just jump to the 60 min mark (it'll take a few clicks) he shows you the facebook monitoring software that he's built which IMHO is an amazingly valuable insight tool that is really well thought out.
Go check out the video of him speaking at I know the organizer of the … (0 comments)

marketing: Facebook Advertising Free Course | Seriously Cool $h!* - 10/22/10 01:59 PM
Learn Facebook Advertising Free course in how to do facebook advertising in a serious way.
So here's the deal, I spoke at a conference recently called Canada Marketing Summit. I'll share the video with you in another post, but what I want to share with you is the video of one of the other speakers that was at the event.
Austin Walsh, this 18 year old kid was AMAZING. Seriously, I don't get excited by much these days, "been there / done that / wrote the book", but this kid was an exception.
From the way that he gathered the audience … (3 comments)

marketing: How to reverse engineer your competitors back links to beat them at SEO - 10/02/10 10:33 AM
How to reverse engineer a competitors back linksThis video shows you how to do some competitive research on sites you want to rank higher than.This is one of several tools that we use to gain a competitive advantage in the search engines for our own sites and those of our clients.Need some SEO done on your site?Get a free SEO quoteOr Purchase our competitive Strategic Keyword review now … (6 comments)

marketing: Green Permission Marketing Using Blogs and Auto Responders - 07/29/10 07:37 AM
I wanted to share the project that we're working on right now with the active rain community, particularly the students of marketing.
This is really the first time that we've applied our marketing style to a project development instead of a broker or agent.
We've structured this very much as a "Controlled Discovery" of the project that uses blog channels that are behind a registration to deliver a steady drip of content to the prospect.
We've had excellent response to the campaign with above average engagement and a list of very attentive buyers and other agents wanting to know the price … (2 comments)

marketing: How to use Twitter for Real Estate - 07/16/10 01:35 AM
Twitter for Real Estate Agents I was interviewed recently for a marketing product release. The interview was all about Twitter and how agents could use it in their business.
Have a listen and let me know what you think in the comments below. Did I miss anything?
Twitter-For-Agents-Riel by riel

marketing: SEO and Lead Gen Single *smart* Listing Websites - 07/10/10 01:10 PM
Single Listing Websites Recently we started offering agents in Vancouver our Single Listing Websites.
These sites are very social, with commenting and rating built in as well as sharing on facebook, twitter and every other social network you can think of
We call them "Smart Listings"
We also included a bunch of tools to help agents post their listings on craigslist, their blogs and even badges to encourage comments and sharing.
Built in promo Here are some of the badges that we include on the /promo page.

Here is the embed code There is even embed code that … (2 comments)

marketing: #1 on Google - 05/09/10 10:34 AM
Isn't that what we all want?
When someone types in your area name + real estate ...
You want to be #1
Simple right?
What if had multiple positions on the first page?
Check out what we've done for Rick Stonehouse with a combination of a community site and his own personal website and some careful SEO engineering.
Let me Google Strathcona Real Estate For You
Click Here
Want results like this?
Get in touch

marketing: New Premium Member on - 02/09/10 07:13 PM
Welcome to our newest Premium member on the LiveIn Sites


marketing: Real Estate Marketing Has Changed - Are you still selling? - 01/05/10 11:50 AM
Stop selling, start providing good information.
The key to growing your business online is in being the best place to get information.
People online are searching for answers to their problems, if you remember that and focus on what their problem is and how you can best solve that problem for them ... you'll have business beating a path to your door.

PS - We'll be at Real Estate Connect (providing information) next week, please feel free to set up a meeting, or drop by our table in start up alley (S6) if you'd like to talk to us about … (6 comments)

marketing: How To Dominate Real Time Search Results - 12/23/09 02:00 PM
I've got a killer report that I've created that shows you step by step, what you need to do to instantly dominate the search engines using "REAL TIME LOCAL SEARCH".
With just a few tweeks, you can automate your social media posting and take control of Google by harnessing their latest formulas in your favor.
Here's what I'm going to do, I'm going to trade it with you for some simple information.
Take 2 minutes to answer these simple questions and I'll GIVE YOU my report for free ... I don't even want your email address (though that would be nice)

marketing: Traffic Driving with Auto Responders - 12/15/09 08:19 PM
Auto Responders Are you using an auto responder in your business?
They're like a little bit of magic that bring business to you regularly, if you don't currently have an auto responder working for your business, you should really think about setting one up.

Don't forget you can try our agent solution for free (with our auto responder built in) by going to and setting up a trial suite.

marketing: Sharing your customers with your competition - 12/15/09 08:02 PM
Are they your customers? I recorded this for non real estate markets, it's something that is a hard thing for many "old school" business types to wrap their head around, but it's true and it is particularly true in the world of real estate.
Do you think that your customers aren't also surfing your competitions website? Ask them, I'm almost positive they'll tell you they use 3 or 4 different sites regularly because they like different features from different ones.
Frank Kern is a top internet marketer and has some interesting perspectives on the idea.

The end of the video … (0 comments)

marketing: How Can Community Sites Generate Leads? - 12/01/09 11:54 AM
Why pay for water, when you could own the watering hole? How many phone calls have you had from lead generation companies that want your money every month to send you leads?
Why let them build all the lead generation sites and sell you the leads? Why don't you just build them yourself and keep the leads for yourself.
Or better yet!!! Sell the leads to other agents and keep the referral commission. Become one of those agents that produces a ton of listing referrals and just make your money letting other people close them
We help agents and brokerages setup community … (3 comments)

marketing: Are you the most awesome agent on the planet? - 11/19/09 01:34 PM
You Are So Awesome Fair Warning here .... don't click the play button if you can't handle the *F* word
Are you marketing yourself like this?

Chances are your not since you're here, but in case you are ... times have changed.
Try focusing on your clients needs, not how awesome you are. Not to hurt your feelings but... they really don't care about you.
Need help with social media marketing ? Start by reading my new book Real Estate Marketing 2.0

marketing: Get ranked in google in under an hour using video - 11/08/09 02:43 AM
Using video for SEO is a great way to get found quickly online.
You can shortcut a ton of link back activities with a couple of well titled videos that then link to the appropriate page on your website.
Don't be afraid to use redirects to make nice looking URL's that are easy to remember and shorter to link to in the youtube description box.
This video shows you how I get my listings ranked in the search engines in just minutes by using videos and links back to our sites.
I seriously suggest you give the free trial at Animoto … (17 comments)

marketing: Learn to flip domains | Learn SEO Skills - 10/20/09 11:34 AM
Learn Website Flipping You've heard of flipping properties right?
This is the same thing, but for domain names
Buy a domain, get it ranked to the top of the search engines and pulling in leads, then sell it for a profit
I can hear you now ... "But I'm a realtor, not a web designer"
I'll give you the site and coach you through each step you need to do to get this site ranked well. You won't have to know any HTML or do anything technical.
You can use the same techniques that I teach you to get your OWN … (2 comments)

marketing: Build an Audience, Don't Rent One | Seth Godin Advice - 09/24/09 06:45 AM
Seth Godin is no slouch when it comes to marketing and he published a blog post this morning that I thought really summed up what I've been trying to communicate with agents, but in a much more effective way.  (That's where the whole "internationally renown author and speaker" stuff starts to show I guess)
He speaks about the change of the relationship between marketers and audience, how it's moving from renting the audience from the media company, to owning your own publishing platform and audience.
He singled out real estate agents in particular in one of his analogies and here's what … (3 comments)

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