mobile: Landing pages that scale - Mobile to Desktop - 10/11/11 03:42 PM
You want your pages to look nice on a mobile phone when you're doing QR code marketing.
However, you also want them to look nice on a desktop if you're asking people to share links.
You might even be buying ads on facebook or google and want a landing page that looks good on either platform.
Have a look at this video about the newest scan2 layout's on the landing pages, especially the listing one, they scale beautifully.
To see an example of the real estate listing page you can visit this link:
You can try it for free … (3 comments)

mobile: QR Codes for marketing real estate [FREE WEBINAR] - 03/27/11 09:13 AM
I'll be hosting a free webinar about using QR codes in Real Estate.

Come sign up for updates.
If you want to try it for free, you'll have to join the webinar list.
Saves you $150.. so get on it.

mobile: Are you using QR Codes in your marketing? - 03/27/11 04:54 AM
Loading... Learn about how we've been using QR codes here:
QR Code Marketing for Real Estate

mobile: Live Mobile Blogging From Your Cell Phone At Inman Real Estate Connect 2010 - 12/22/09 06:41 PM
Mobile Video Blogging I've been playing with this new app for my phone called "bambuser", it's pretty cool it lets you do live broadcasting from your phone, direct to the web.
There's a cool feature to the site which lets you setup an event, and then people can join it with their mobiles as well, if there are multiple broadcasters at the event, users can choose from different camera views
Cool, but you sorta need an event to play with it ... enter Real Estate Connect
If you're planning to go, why not download this app also and lets try to … (3 comments)