social media: Anthony Morrison Speaking about Facebook and Social Marketing - 11/24/10 05:38 AM
Anthony Morrison Facebook and Affiliate Marketing Anthony Morrison spoke at Canada Marketing Summit about affiliate marketing and software that he's created to monitor campaigns on facebook and to generate ads for other platforms like plenty-o-fish

If you know about affiliate marketing, or you're not interested in it, then just jump to the 60 min mark (it'll take a few clicks) he shows you the facebook monitoring software that he's built which IMHO is an amazingly valuable insight tool that is really well thought out.
Go check out the video of him speaking at I know the organizer of the … (0 comments)

social media: How to use Twitter for Real Estate - 07/16/10 01:35 AM
Twitter for Real Estate Agents I was interviewed recently for a marketing product release. The interview was all about Twitter and how agents could use it in their business.
Have a listen and let me know what you think in the comments below. Did I miss anything?
Twitter-For-Agents-Riel by riel

social media: HEY NEWBIE | Set up your hit router and referral alerts - 12/23/09 06:42 PM
**Note** I first posted this directly to the newbies group, but several people asked me to be able to reblog it, so I'm copying it here to my blog channel so that people (besides newbies) can get better access to it.
First thing you want to do is set up your Referral alerts.
That way it will email you when someone is looking to refer a client to your area.
To set it up, you go to the sidebar of your home page and click on "referral network", then again in the side bar look for referral alerts.
Click on "Create … (40 comments)

social media: How to use Social Media To Grow Your Business - 05/16/09 11:26 PM
Advertising has changed, and if you're still using interruption advertising methods like bus ads and direct mail, you're wasting your money.
The only advertising that's really working effectively these days is permission or attraction marketing.
People are being bombarded with messages every day, if they don't know you already, it's doubtful that they'll remember you from a bus ad or yet another piece of junk mail in they're mail box.
To really remember your message, and to get it at the right time, they need to be one of your subscribers. Here are 10 ways that you can develop an attraction … (6 comments)

social media: ReTweet Contest | Dominate Local Search - 04/15/09 03:24 PM

Thought I'd try this little traffic driver out to see what type of results you could pull from a RETweet contest.
This is one of my better ebooks that I sell all day long on my consulting site.
I'll give it away for a retweet and a follow.
Click Here To Find Out More:

social media: Youtube Improvements you should know about. - 04/08/09 12:47 PM
For a long time I would tell people NOT to use youtube on their website. That it was a good place to put videos to be found ON youtube. A good place to drive traffic to your site with, but in terms of the videos on your site? Never youtube for the following reasons. First off the quality sucked .. small screen, really choppy. Secondly and this was the worst part... At the end they suggested other videos that would suck your traffic from your site.
I'm happy to say that they've improved the quality, especially with the new HD settings.. … (1 comments)

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