fort myers homes: Tips for Decorating Small Spaces - 12/08/15 03:03 AM
City dwellers, college students, retirees and many others often choose to live in condos, apartments, lofts, or small homes. The key to maximizing these living quarters is to take advantage of the space that is available, making it functional while utilizing the right décor to create a roomier, airy feel. Here are some tips to help make this happen, wherever your small space might be.
Choosing a Color PaletteChoosing the proper color scheme is absolutely critical to small interior décor. Although obviously still a matter of personal preference, it's best to go with light colors throughout. It's not uncommon to see an entire space … (2 comments)

fort myers homes: Adding Closet Space – What to Consider Before You Start - 12/02/15 01:48 AM
When you have more items to store than closet space, something's got to give. Building and installing a closet is a fairly low-cost solution that the average adult is capable of doing. In a weekend's time, with a little planning and knowledge, you can transform an unused area into the most useful spot in the room.
Planning a ClosetIf you're going to build a closet, you might as well build it right. It's too late, after it's built, to wish you had done something different. Taking time to plan any home improvement project will prevent regrets later.
If you want to skip the DIY … (0 comments)

fort myers homes: How to Bring Nature Inside - 11/09/15 12:33 AM
How to Bring Nature Inside
What do you love most about nature and the outdoors? Is it the first sign of spring blooms, the colorful autumn foliage, or maybe the smell of fresh cut grass on a warm summer day? Do you enjoy the soothing sound of a trickling creek or a bright blue sky on a sunny day?
Incorporate these organic elements into your décor and invite nature into your home.
Don't Block Natural ViewsOne of the easiest ways to invite nature into your home is to ensure a direct connection through glass doors and windows. Leave them undressed to welcome in sunlight … (2 comments)

fort myers homes: Designing Backyard Shade Structures - 10/02/15 02:22 AM
Designing Backyard Shade Structures
In the midst of summer's sweltering heat, nothing provides relief like having a shady spot for relaxing. Backyard shade structures also help keep your outdoor furniture from fading.
If you want to add a shade structure to your yard, explore the variety of options available and customize the design based on your needs.
Design ConsiderationsHow do you envision your backyard retreat? Here are some factors to consider:
Location: If you wish to erect a shade structure that relies on flat ground, select an area that needs little leveling to reduce labor. Look at your backyard and consider the amount of work … (1 comments)

fort myers homes: 10 Projects to "Green" Your Home - 09/01/15 10:46 PM
"Going green" means living in a way that's environmentally friendly. It uses less water, less electricity, and less fuel, conserving natural resources while protecting the environment. It also saves money on utility bills, which is something all homeowners can appreciate. From simple to elaborate, here are a few ways to green your house and property.
Focus On the LightReplacing your most-used light bulbs with CFLs will lower your electric bill while producing less heat and lasting longer than your incandescent bulbs.
While you're at it, consider adding dimmer switches, motion sensors, and timers for when you're away from home in the evening. Also, … (1 comments)

fort myers homes: Here's what we have to offer Realtors. - 07/30/15 04:18 AM
Right Choice Realty
Here’s what we offer:
A monthly "Listing Letter" produced by Right Choice Realty for your use.
Record storage for 7 years on the cloud for both you and the client.  (State requirement is 5 years)
E&O Insurance Policy Paid for and Provided by Right Choice Realty – ZERO
No monthly franchise fees  - ZERO
Our SmartListing Marketing Plan – FREE (Begins 1 November 2015)
No Sign-up fees!
Earn a commission for recruiting a NEW RCR Agent!  
A Marketing Machine on site at University Building that can produce every piece of marketing material you will EVER need at pass through costs!  James McClain from Chicago's L2 Productions has been hired in a full time … (2 comments)

fort myers homes: Can You Convert Your Attic? 6 Questions to Ask - 05/04/15 03:33 AM
Can You Convert Your Attic? 6 Questions to Ask
Maybe you have always dreamed of a better master bedroom, as large as the house and as private as can be. Or perhaps your teenager needs more space – but you can't imagine where you'll make it. Maybe you want a little rental unit, or a romp room for the kids. The answer you've been looking for might be, literally, over your head.
You have two choices if you want to add onto your home's living space: either build outward, or convert an unlivable space into something you can live in, instead. As attractive … (1 comments)

fort myers homes: The 6 (Not-So-Simple) Steps to Securing a Home Loan - 04/20/15 12:47 AM
The 6 (Not-So-Simple) Steps to Securing a Home Loan
From the word "mortgage" to the methods used by lenders to determine how much to loan, the home loan process can be confusing to first timers. In fact, one third of the respondents to a 2011 Wall Street Journal survey of homebuyers said that the most difficult part of buying a home was understanding the loan process.
It can also be quite stressful, especially when you've got your eye on a cute Craftsman bungalow and are waiting on pins and needles to learn if you qualify to purchase it.
Let's take a look at the conventional home loan … (0 comments)

fort myers homes: Much Ado About Mulch - 04/13/15 03:38 AM
Much Ado About Mulch: Everything Homeowners Need To Know
Mulch was nature's idea long before it became man's. Fallen leaves, pine needles, rotting wood and vegetation, decaying flowers, ripe fruit, rocks rising to the Earth's surface – the environment naturally produces and disperses "mulch," adding a protective coating to the ground.
Knowing the various types of mulch and understanding how best to use them will enable you to assist Mother Nature and easily beautify your lawn and garden.
Why Should You Mulch?Mulching your soil might just be the most important thing you can do for your property – not only for the earth itself, … (0 comments)

fort myers homes: How to Be a Respectful Home Buyer - 03/11/15 05:39 AM
When a home is on the market, the seller's privacy goes out the window. It is almost guaranteed that some buyers will open drawers, peek inside cabinets and touch items that are obviously personal and not included in the sale.
Coming home from work to find that the impeccably-made bed you left in the morning is now covered in a ball of linens is obviously annoying. Constant requests to extend deadlines, lists of demands and nitpicking the condition of the home are not only time consuming and insulting, but they do nothing to endear the buyer to the seller.
These are … (3 comments)

fort myers homes: How to Go Eco-Friendly With Your Home Design - 02/13/15 02:55 AM
Reuse, Refurbish and Recycle
Furnishing, decorating or redecorating a home can be expensive, tedious and sometimes a bit frustrating. We must try to keep up with the latest, ever-changing fashion trends while also attempting to carefully balance expenses with the social responsibility of not creating additional landfill waste. We live in a crowded world where the unnecessary dumping of bulky furniture items or interior finishes that are still in good shape shouldn't be tolerated.
Try to keep sustainability in mind as you decorate your home. Seek out items containing recycled content or made from eco-friendly materials. Donate or sell items … (2 comments)

fort myers homes: Family Mudroom Design Tip #3 - 02/03/15 10:37 PM
Family Mudroom Design
The family mudroom is, without question, one of the highest traffic areas in the home. It battles all sorts of external elements, from rain and snow to dirt and mud. It houses countless miscellaneous essentials, including shoes and boots, jackets, umbrellas, scarves and more. It is home to pet necessities and sporting equipment. It's where kids drop their backpacks and parents discard car keys or unload shopping bags.
For all these reasons, when planning the family mudroom design, it's important to select interior finishes wisely, maintaining organization while also personalizing the space for the entire family.
Select Smart … (3 comments)

fort myers homes: What Counts as a Comp for Your Home? - 02/03/15 04:40 AM
What Counts as a Comp for Your Home?
From replacing a rusted out bathroom sink to laying laminate flooring, Americans are hooked on the DIY craze. Some things, however, are better left to professionals. Establishing your home's current market value before putting it on the selling block or pursuing a refinance is one of those things.
To determine its value, appraisers and real estate agents will compare your home (the "subject property") to those that have recently sold in the area (known as "comps"). They will adjust the comps' prices up or down, according to how similar each home is to … (2 comments)

fort myers homes: Buyers Beware: 3 Points to Ponder About a Home's Location - 01/02/15 12:21 AM
Buyers Beware: 3 Points to Ponder About a Home's Location
When buyers are on the hunt for a new home, they're usually very focused on one thing: the house. Buyers can lose objectivity if they fall in love with one, and the thought process becomes akin to one of those romantic photos with fuzzy edges—the only thing in focus is the house.
What those fuzzy edges obscure, however, is just as important as what's in focus. So, be sure to identify the impractical features of a home you love—not only for your own comfort and enjoyment, but for the home's … (0 comments)

fort myers homes: 3 Easy Improvements to Help You Sell Your Home. - 01/02/15 12:10 AM
Right Choice Realty
Forget, for a moment, about market trends and interest rates. At any given time, no matter the state of the economy, someone somewhere is selling their home. In any market, homeowners can up the odds that a home sells as quickly and as profitably as possible by giving it a facelift.
Sellers should focus on home improvement projects that either add value to the home or that attract buyers' eyes and pique their interests. Make them forget any other houses they viewed and want your house instead.
Don't randomly select home improvement projects based on your own tastes or suggestions from friends, either. … (1 comments)

fort myers homes: How to Lower Your Heating and Cooling Costs - 12/04/14 09:35 PM
Right Choice Realty
How to Lower Your Heating and Cooling Costs
When temperatures drop below freezing or rise to the point of sweltering, does it seem like your wallet develops leaks? If keeping your home comfortable year-round taxes your budget or tempts you to forgo comfort, you need to find a better way.
Try implementing simple methods to lower your heating and cooling bills.
Save on Air Conditioning If you didn't have to heat or cool your home, you could easily cut your energy bills in half, as the Department of Energy points out. Few people want to return to the days … (2 comments)

fort myers homes: How to Decorate a Home Office - 12/03/14 09:37 PM
Right Choice Realty
Whether you work from home or are simply interested in a dedicated space to manage the monthly bills, respond to emails, or work with your children on schoolwork, crafting an environment based on personal needs can be accomplished regardless of the space available. Create a home office with your specific design needs in mind.
Keep it Bright and Vivid You need to be alert and attentive while in your home office. Consider a bright color scheme utilizing white as a backdrop and vivid shades of orange, pink or yellow that support energy and optimism.
If you have … (1 comments)

fort myers homes: What You Must Know About Insurance When Buying a Home - 12/02/14 02:01 AM
What You Must Know About Insurance When Buying a Home
Purchasing a home involves getting to know a lot of financial terms and processes that most first-time homebuyers have never been exposed to. One of the most confusing is insurance. If you've never owned a home before, your familiarity with insurance most likely centers around auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance and, perhaps, renter's insurance.
Even then, your level of familiarity may be minimal, if you are like most Americans. In fact, a mere 14 percent of those who have health insurance understand even the most basic insurance jargon, such as … (1 comments)

fort myers homes: Tips for Conserving Water at Home - 11/04/14 11:03 PM
Right Choice Realty
Perhaps it's a little too easy to overlook the importance of water. It's simple, after all, to turn the tap and watch it flow. Consider, though, that only 1 percent of the Earth's water is useable. The rest is either salty or frozen. Not to mention the amount of energy used in acquiring, treating and transporting fresh water to consumers.
Saving water in and around your house battles high water bills while helping to save energy and conserve a precious resource.
Saving Water in the Bathroom Turn off the water while you brush your teeth, shave … (0 comments)

fort myers homes: 3 Tips for Moving With Kids - 10/04/14 12:29 AM
Right Choice Realty
Moving is complex. Moving with children is even more challenging. Some of their anxieties and fears over relocating may seem petty to adults, but they are nevertheless real. You could probably tell your children they are moving to Disneyland and, after the initial ecstasy wore off, they'd still feel torn.
Let's take a look at some tips for making a smooth transition when moving with kids.

1. Talk to Your Child The circumstances that brought you to packing up your home and relocating have a lot … (2 comments)

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