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“Just being a People Person isn’t Enough”     When it comes to mortgages or any other business.   As I have already shared in a couple of previous blogs, that I am looking to hire  2 additional loan officers. Unfortunately, the quality of those applying has not been good enough to get my attentio...
“Realtor Wants to Know How to Start Getting Referral from Me”   One of the strangest calls I have ever gotten. Mike called to introduce himself and told me that he was talking to a Realtor partner of mine who told him, he has been getting referrals from me for the past five years and that he has ...
“Loan Officer Interviews”   Are my standards just too high? I have been looking to add a couple of additional loan officers and I have been extremely disappointed. I will often begin an interview asking what questions they have for me. It will normally tell me if they have done some homework on m...
“Profiting from a 203K Mortgage”   Beverly wanted to purchase a bank owned property, as she was not afraid of doing repairs. She was able to find a 3 bedroom home that she negotiated for $102,500. The bid to do the renovations was $26,340.   When the appraisal is done, two values have to be estab...
“Does Size Matter?”         Now don’t let your mind take off with visual images and let me explain.   I got a call the other day from someone that read one of my old blogs. He told me that he was getting ready to refinance and was originally going back to “HIS BANK”. My blog about a client that I...
“Rent with Option to Buy”   A couple of years ago, I started coaching a couple that went through a bankruptcy and foreclosure. They now have credit scores in the 700’s.   At the time we met, I recommended they look for a property that they could lease with an option to buy. They were fortunate to...
“Is the Contractor Licensed or Not?”   When things just don’t make sense, who looks out for the best interest of the buyer? We were just about done with the approval process of a VA mortgage. The lender indicated they wanted a termite test, as it was not done as part of the home inspection. The t...
“When a Client Starts Rate Shopping”   I started a mortgage application a couple of weeks ago. She had a 646 mid score, sufficient to qualify for a USDA loan and based on her scores, her debt ratio worked just fine. At the time of the application I always give each person a list of do’s and don’t...
“All Parents Give their Children, Birth, Roots and Wings”   Our daughter has taken this literally. Jill has been part of Right Trac Financial Group, Inc. for many years and is one of the best mortgage processor ever. Am I being a bit passionate about my opinion, absolutely!  Her clients and the a...
“Commenting and Encouraging”   Whenever anyone comments on one of my blogs, I have always felt an obligation to then comment on one of their blogs. In many of these situations it is always rewarding when I see that the person is relatively new to Activerain or hasn’t blogged for some time.   Have...

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