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                                                                “What’s Your Rate?”   As crazy as it seems, I seldom get that question during an initial conversation. The conversation usually is based around someone getting preapproved for a mortgage. Most likely the person was referred by someon...
“Refinancing to Make Other Investments”     I get real uncomfortable when someone tells me they want to refinance to make investments. So many people have taken all the equity out of their home, made investments and the investments didn’t do well or were lost all together.   I had done a mortgag...
    “Long Distance Mortgage Applications”     I am fortunate that I get clients from most states and even out of the country. Many ask how difficult it is to do mortgages without being face to face, the bottom line, there is almost no difference.   My preference is always to be face to face, but ...
“Providing Hope to a Home Buyer”   At least a couple of times a week I get calls from folks that have been told by friends or co-workers to contact me. They often need help regarding their credit and many I can help and get them to a point that a mortgage is possible in a few months, others much ...
    “Making Sure You Set the Expectations for Your Clients”   Anyone that contacts you does so for a reason and has an expectation. In all my interactions with potential clients, we have a discussion about their expectations on me. We agree to what those expectations are and that is what they can...
“Who Else do You Know that Needs My Help”   No matter who I talk too, I ask this question. No matter it be someone that just got referred to me, someone I am doing a mortgage application for or someone who I set up an appointment with. You just never know the response you may get, you just might ...
“NO, I Can’t Pay You a Referral Fee”   You may or may not know that referral fees cannot be paid in the mortgage industry. Personally I don’t agree with the policy, but that’s the regulation.   I got a call from a former loan officer, asking if I would consider paying  him a referral fee for ever...
“I Don’t Care How a Referral Comes My Way”     I got a call this morning from a someone who said he was referred to Right Trac, but wasn’t given a particular person to speak to. I asked who referred her? She told me she was waiting for her car to be serviced and just happened to start talking ab...
“Blogging Your Story, So Others Get to Know You”     Referrals are the lifeblood of my mortgage practice. I never take them for granted. This week I have gotten two referrals from Realtors I have never met or heard of before.   In each case I got a call directly from the clients.  I always ask w...
“A 468 Page Tax Return for 2013”     I pride myself on being able to understand tax returns.  What is even more bizarre is this particular client does them himself with TurboTax.  The previous year’s returns were about 100 pages less, but both extremely complicated.  My concern is whether or not...

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