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“I Just Paid Off My Mortgage”    I did the mortgage for these clients a little over 7 years ago. At the time these folks had a very small mortgage that had 8 years left but $139,500 in short term obligations. They really didn’t want to refinance but the short term debts were killing them.  After...
“Referring Some Mortgage Clients Elsewhere is Best for Them”  Joe, thanks again for passing along this referral and opportunity for the bank.  Ryan, feel free to call me at your convenience so we can discuss the opportunity to fund your next multi-family purchase.  Joe thanks again for passing a...
“Even While Away for a Romantic Long Weekend” Opportunities to do business are everywhere. Gail and I went away on a long romantic weekend at a B & B called the Manor House Inn in Norfolk, Connecticut. This was a new place for us and we would highly recommend it. The place was wonderful and the ...
“Another Renovation Loan Product”   I found a residence I am interested in, it is a Fannie Mae home path property, for $260,000. What are the pros and cons of a homeopath house and using the Possible home path renovation?  I originally pre-qualified this client for a conventional mortgage but now...
“Not Having Credit Scores Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Obtain a Mortgage”  Moving from Texas to Vermont was tough enough but once they decided it was time to buy a home, they couldn’t. It turns out these folks don’t have any credit scores which can be more challenging than credit that isn’t very good. ...
“Some Features May Not have Relevance to Value”   There are many features in my home that were not accounted for...such as radiant heat ( even in the basement), antique random width oak flooring throughout the entire house, wood boiler system from outside with oil backup, custom kitchen and cust...
“How Should the Realtor Communicate After Receiving a Referral from Me?”   I am so excited that Joe sent me your information and I have the opportunity to assist you in finding your new home! I will tell you this, Joe and I only send our very best clients to one another! This is why I am so thril...
“Refinancing with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Place”   This type of refinancing can be tricky business. It can be a challenge for attorneys as well.  I’m in the process of doing a refinance and the client has been making payments on the BK plan for 2 years. There are two existing mortgages and pay...
“Commercial Real Estate Brokers are an Import Source of Referrals”   Over the years I have interacted with many in the real estate industry that have referred clients that need to refinance their residential properties for one reason or another. The majority of the time it is to consolidate debts...
“Daughter is Referring Her Dad”   He isn't getting a response from the mortgage rep at the bank. Supposedly they were told $124k if Carol cleaned up 3 items on her credit report. Allegedly she has taken care of one (Sears card she never opened) but she isn't getting anywhere with the other 2. Nei...

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