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   “Interest Rates All Over the Place”    Hi Joe,I need your help again. A few weeks ago the credit union where I bank has a sign up that showed their 30 year fixed rate loans at 3.125%. I asked the teller to have a loan officer contact me. I have yet to hear from anyone, their service sucks. I s...
     “Layoffs are Commonplace”    Hi JoeI spoke with our mutual client regarding his layoff. He indicated that his specific job would require two weeks, but he is not 100% sure. I am going to notify the listing agent regarding the current situation and see if we can keep everything together. I pu...
“I Get Concerned When Someone Says Don’t Worry”     The heart specialist was operating on the patient when he suddenly said, "Don't worry, Adam. This is a minor operation. Everything will be all right."The patient replied, "Thank you Doctor, but my name is Jose."The heart specialist said, "I know...
  “Love being Part of a Dream Home Search”   We’re back! I know it has been a number of months, but we are ready to find our dream ocean home. We searched for nearly two years and couldn’t seem to find the ocean front beach house that we were willing to pull the trigger on. We feel we are truly r...
“I Love these Puzzles”        Hi Joe, Can you do a land loan for me? I want to buy 50 acres that abuts the home we currently own. The asking price for the land is $195,000 and basically has no frontage, but we have 800’ in front of it. The property has more value to us than anyone else. We have f...
“The Glorious Leader Visits a Pig Farm”  Kim Jong-Un visits a pig farm and has the obligatory propaganda photo taken. Later, three editors for the Pyongyang Times are facing the task of finding an appropriate caption. #1: "How about 'The Glorious Leader among pigs'?" #2: "Are you mad? That could ...
“LinkedIn Testimonials that Speak to my Clients”   Dear Mr. Petrowsky,I have been reading your blogs on Linkedin for a couple of years, have learned a lot for sure. I am ready to buy a home for me and my family. Your blogs have taught me a lot and since you are licensed in Mass, I would like to w...
“Many Ways to Accomplish Debt Consolidation”       Hi Joe, It has been a few years since we have spoken. At the time you handled our home purchase, we need your assistance again. You may recall, we purchased our residence for $440,000 and put $140,000 at the time. We are estimating that the prope...
“A Rancher turned weed farmer lost half a million dollar worth of his Marijuana crop to Cattle”   The rancher had tried a novel idea of planting Marijuana in the grazing range as cows normally don't eat Marijuana. Unfortunately for him the cows developed a special predilection for the supposedly ...
   “Yes, We Can Work Together Again”      Mr. Petrowsky, You did a pre-qualification letter for me in September, but unfortunately I didn’t do my mortgage application with you. I allowed my agent to influence me and use someone else, what a mistake. Long story short, I was denied for the loan as ...

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