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“Taking Advantage of an Opportunity”     A hooded robber burst into a Minnesota bank and forced the tellers to load a sack full of cash.On his way out the door, a brave customer grabbed the hood and pulled it down, revealing the robber's face. The robber shot the customer dead.He then looked arou...
“It’s ALL about Relationships”     Hi Joe,It was so great to catch up with you again Joe, I wish you had a VA license!  As a follow up to today’s conversation regarding our nephew and niece, to discuss if it would be an advantage to refinance when they already have a Chase loan at 3.75% plus a $3...
“Awards Like This Don’t Get Me Excited, It’s All About Selling Advertising and Plaques, but I’m Sure Some Will Think it is a Good Idea”      It is our pleasure to inform you that Right Trac Financial Group has been selected for the 2019 Best of Manchester Awards in the category of Mortgages. For ...
“Ever wonder...”    If twins ever realize that one of them was unplanned?What if my dog only brings back my ball because he thinks I like throwing it?If poison expires, is it more poisonous or is it no longer poisonous?Which letter is silent in the word "Scent," the s or the c?Every time you clea...
      “I Hate it When I hear, It Can’t be Done!”       Joe, My Wife and I are extremely grateful for you helping us refinance our house. You were able to get it done when other lenders couldn't do it. Thank you! Cesar     It is such a gift when we as mortgage brokers accomplish a mortgage for cli...
 “FHA Renovation Loans have Rules”   Mr. Petrowsky,Your name was given to me by one of my co-workers. I was recently denied for mortgage to complete some renovations to my home. Just some general information. My current first mortgage is about $160,000 and have a second mortgage of $35,000 and ha...
“MY Self-Isolation Quarantine Diary”   Day 1 - I can do this!! Got enough food and wine to last a month!Day 2 - Opening my 8th bottle of wine. I fear wine supplies might not last!Day 7 - Strawberries: Some have 210 seeds; some have 235 seeds. Who knew?Day 8 - 8 p.m.: Removed my Day Pajamas and pu...
“Losing a Job is Never Fun”     Hi Joe,The company I work for has closed their doors today.  Hopefully I will get something in Connecticut.  My family are all in CT. Purchasing my family home is off the table now that I am not employed.  Is there any particular criteria for my next job such as th...
 “You are Not Alone”   So Joe, I’m not gonna put an offer on that Coventry house yet since I have concerns about the taxes and the proximity to the road. A beautiful Cape on 3 1/2 acres just came on the market not too far from me and I’m going to watch it. It already has a finished basement for B...
“Just Doing my Job!”    It was the day of the big sale. Rumors of the sale (and some advertising in the local paper) were the main reason for the long line that formed by 8:30, the store's opening time, in front of the store. A small man pushed his way to the front of the line, only to be pushed ...

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