credit advice: “The First Step to Buying a Home” - 10/22/20 07:16 AM
“The First Step to Buying a Home”

Thank you, Joe! I appreciate you looking at my credit and letting me know what I need to do in order to move forward with the goal of purchasing a home for my family. I will take these steps to correct and rebuild my credit and let you know when I have completed all the steps. Thank you so much again! Greatly appreciated!!

Once you know where you want to go you need to know where you are. Understanding your credit and how it is part of the home buying process is one of the first … (2 comments)

credit advice: “Credit Issues can be an Uncomfortable Conversation” - 07/28/16 11:08 PM
“Credit Issues can be an Uncomfortable Conversation”
Hi Joe
Thank you for copying me on the email regarding Denise's credit.  That is what I was expecting.  When we get together please understand that she is very sensitive about her poor credit.  Hopefully she will accept your coaching and get herself back on the right track.  
Believe me I understand this email and am very sensitive to how someone is feeling, but remember “It is not what you say, it is how you say what you say”. For most this topic is very personal and there is the feeling of shame, embarrassment and that … (10 comments)

credit advice: “There are SO Many Ways to Improve Credit Scores” - 03/28/16 08:37 PM
“There are SO Many Ways to Improve Credit Scores”

Good morning Joe, I was wondering if you could send a detailed copy of my credit score report. I'm trying to increase my credit rating, so that I can be ready to buy a home after the June 16th date. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on how I can go about doing that?
This client was referred to me by his bankruptcy attorney. We need to get him past June 16th which is when he will be 24 months past his discharge. Once that happens and his credit scores are … (42 comments)

credit advice: “Coming Back from the Dead” - 09/07/15 01:16 AM
“Coming Back from the Dead”
Those were the words used by this couple that had a foreclosure and bankruptcy in their past. At the advice of friends (they had a similar history), they recommended a conversation with me may help. So many that have gone through this kind of experience are shell shocked and have tremendous fear and shame. Many are embarrassed to discuss this history and are uncomfortable having anyone look at their credit report. The fear of being rejected for credit or a mortgage is like having an elephant in the room. Many that have gone through these financial … (16 comments)

credit advice: “Becoming a Dad Has Responsibilities” - 07/21/15 12:49 AM
“Becoming a Dad Has Responsibilities”
It is sad when someone is paying $1650 per month for rent and they can’t buy a home. I took out some of the information to protect the innocent. Hopefully Eddie will follow through, so that I can get him pre-qualified for a mortgage.
My Realtor asked me to contact you. My girlfriend is pregnant and we want to buy a home, before the baby is born. Our Realtor gave me a list of all the information you need in order to get my credit. It should be OK, the last I remember I had a … (27 comments)

credit advice: Much of the Advice About Credit is Misleading - 10/16/12 04:15 AM
“Much of the Advice About Credit is Misleading”
The article below has some good advice, but some things just don’t make sense.
If a mortgage is in someone’s future and there are questions and concerns, they need to talk to someone that understands about mortgages. That doesn’t mean a financial planner or an accountant. Very seldom, do they understand about credit.
Unfortunately, there are companies around that charge a fee. Many don’t do a good job and in some cases are totally misleading. They indicate they can get a derogatory item off the credit report, even when you … (6 comments)

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