real estate: “This Builder’s Referrals are Priceless” - 09/29/14 10:48 PM
“This Builder’s Referrals are Priceless”
I work with many builders, some for over 20 years. Mark copied me to the email below, what is unique about him, he hand delivers each referral to my office, if they are within two hours. He will make a personal introduction and then leave.
His approach is different, but what I am always amazed at, he doesn’t lose business. Every client to him is like gold and that is how they are treated. Every referral he sends, brings to my office, will buy a new home from him and when he makes that … (22 comments)

real estate: “Video Marketing for 32 Bentley Ave. Norwich, Ct.” - 09/12/14 09:42 PM
“Video Marketing for 32 Bentley Ave. Norwich, Ct.”   As many of you know, I am quickly becoming an advocate of video marketing of real estate. It is a little shocking as to how well the public is responding to these videos. This is another just completed home and is already under deposit.   We have been marketing on Craig’s list, in the body of the ad, I let it be known that I had a video of the home which I would send upon request. I wish there was a venue that would be for video only listings! In any … (30 comments)

real estate: Should We Always be Marketing? - 07/27/14 09:58 PM
“Should We Always be Marketing?”   There is a local restaurant that I like to frequent for lunch when I am out with referral partners. The table next to us had a group of four people that were having a good old time enjoying their liquid lunch. They were actually pretty loud, so it was pretty easy to hear the conversations. Normally I would have asked to be moved to another table, but they were talking about real estate and mortgages and sitting with a Realtor, we were both paying attention.   They asked our waitress to send over a round … (18 comments)

real estate: Beazer Home Challenge and What I Wanted in a New Home - 06/25/14 11:27 PM
“Beazer Home Challenge and What I Wanted in a New Home”
When we built our home, there were two things that were a must have for us. The first was a sauna and the second was a gym room, we built in 1975 and when we are home, use both 3-4 times a week, ever since.
Before we decided on the home we wanted to build, the prerequisite, the land had to be lake front or river front. Growing up on large acreage, land was important and land next to water, that was what we wanted.

real estate: Please Welcome Attorney Joel DeFelice to AR - 06/24/14 01:25 AM
“Please Welcome Attorney Joel DeFelice to AR”
I have included his first blog that he has posted. I work with Joel and his partner David on a regular basis. They have been referral partners for many years.
This firm has also represented me for years for properties that I buy, renovate and resell. Besides being raving fans, their back office is outstanding and all of us in the real estate and mortgage business know, if the back office doesn’t work well, nothing will work well.
Please stop by and comment on Joel’s post and welcome … (19 comments)

real estate: “Fill Your Brain with What Can Be” - 05/22/14 04:30 AM
“Fill Your Brain with What Can Be”
A few years ago a client of mine, went through financial issues and lost many of his real estate holdings. I meet with him numerous times during this time period and afterwards. He kept telling me that the chatter that was continuing to play in his mind was one of his being a failure. I continued to tell him that what he lost was money not what he knows. He would always say, I wish I could just flip a switch and the negative chatter would stop. I would keep telling him the same … (21 comments)

real estate: “Lunch with Conrad Allen” - 05/04/14 10:30 PM
“Lunch with Conrad Allen”   I meet met Conrad when I first joined Activerain, which by the way is three years ago, at the end of this month. Sometimes there is just an instant connection and that is what happened, sure we have referred some business back and forth, but the friendship that was created has been priceless.   We have had our own meet ups a couple of times a year, but speak on the phone and by email very often. In any case we met for lunch at the Public House in Sturbridge, Ma, on May 1st.   Often … (31 comments)

real estate: “Preapproval Said Borrower was Approved for a USDA Mortgage” - 05/01/14 12:09 AM
“Preapproval Said Borrower was Approved for a USDA Mortgage”
I don’t consider myself the average seller of real estate. I have been a very active buyer and seller of real estate for many years. I have also had the privilege of being in the mortgage business for many years. I also don’t like to mix the two, never willing to do mortgages on anything where I am the owner of the real estate being sold, for obvious reasons. I just don’t want any possible conflicts.
OK, so where am I going with this. I put a newly … (22 comments)

real estate: “The New Subprime, What Does that Mean?” - 03/28/14 10:50 PM
“The New Subprime, What Does that Mean?”   One announcement after another from lenders reducing credit scores. Just last week one lender will now go down to 540 and the other at 550 for FHA loans.   Before everyone starts going crazy that we will be heading for another mortgage and real estate meltdown, get that out of your heads. There are situations that warrant a mortgage for a client with lower credit scores.   Dave (his actual legal name), purchased a home in 2003 with a girlfriend. The relationship went bad and his girlfriend moved out, however she had his … (27 comments)

real estate: “Even After Bankruptcy, Banks Cause Much More Harm” - 03/03/14 03:19 AM
“Even After Bankruptcy, Banks Cause Much More Harm”   When someone goes through bankruptcy and there is real estate included, the ability to be able to get a mortgage in the future has many variables. The shortest distance between two points is usually and FHA mortgage.   There are some basic guidelines. There are a number of variables that I will not get into this post, but as mentioned here are the basics:   1) You must wait 2 years after the BK.   2) You must have re-established credit, preferably 3 accounts that show up on the credit report and a minimum … (52 comments)

real estate: Just being a People Person isn’t Enough - 01/30/14 10:52 PM
“Just being a People Person isn’t Enough”     When it comes to mortgages or any other business.   As I have already shared in a couple of previous blogs, that I am looking to hire  2 additional loan officers. Unfortunately, the quality of those applying has not been good enough to get my attention.   A couple of the resume’s made the point, that they are a “People Person”. I wonder what the rest of us must be. I have heard many in the real estate industry use the sale terminology. I want to let those who use this statement know, … (20 comments)

real estate: “Home Ownership Still a Priority for Renters” - 07/31/13 01:39 AM
“Home Ownership Still a Priority for Renters”
I have been in Florida the last couple of days, on the trip down, I was sitting across the aisle from this lady. I happen to notice that she was looking at a real estate magazine. I asked her if she was looking for a home. No, she said just dreaming about owning a home.
She told me that was not in the cards for a while but would be in a couple of years. After about 10 minutes into the conversation, she asked me what I did for … (15 comments)

real estate: Liquidating Stock Accounts to buy Multi-Family Homes - 05/28/13 11:42 PM
“One Investor Decides to Liquidate Some of His Stock Account and buy Multi-Family Homes”
This investor has done this before and his timing seems to be very good. He cashed liquidated $200,000 at the beginning of the year and has been buying 3-4 family homes. We have now closed on the 6th property and there may be one more to come. From the numbers that he has shared with me, the return on investment is really amazing.
I am not suggesting folks clean out investment accounts, but a diverse portfolio that includes real … (15 comments)

real estate: “Print Marketing is Not Cost Effective for Me” - 05/28/13 03:54 AM
“Print Marketing is Not Cost Effective for Me”
The last time I did any print marketing was over 10 years ago and I wish I would have stopped even before that. For a number of years I would do direct mail pieces to folks I didn’t know and didn’t know me.
I used professionals to design the pieces they guaranteed 1-2% results. I designed my own, same types of results 1-2%. We purchased lists that were for specific zip codes, broken down by various categories, those that owned real estate and those that didn’t … (10 comments)

real estate: “Rating Agency Says Real Estate Overvalued by 10%” - 04/27/13 10:17 PM
“Rating Agency Says Real Estate Overvalued by 10%”
I recently read an article where Fitch, the rating agency, declared that real estate was overvalued by 10%. Mind you this is one of the companies that gave subprime loans an A to AAA rating. Statements like this are completely misguided.
It is so difficult to understand that they could possibly make a statement about overvalued real estate. The question that I have, overvalued compared to what? Does some real estate get sold for more than it should, of course, but there must be a good reason. … (15 comments)

real estate: Some Folks that Blog about Real Estate have NO Clue - 02/06/13 02:46 AM
“Some Folks that Blog about Real Estate have NO Clue”
The author of the article below says that the interest tax deduction should have been eliminated completely, it actually was for folks making over $110,000 per year. He also says that Dodd-Frank didn’t go far enough. Are you kidding me…
This guy is talking about how to avoid another housing bubble? With suggestions and thoughts like he shares in his post, we won’t have to worry about if, but rather when.
This housing recovery is very fragile, with unemployment numbers not getting better, with gas prices … (12 comments)

real estate: “The Impact That Zig Ziglar and Steven Covey Had on ME” - 01/07/13 02:12 AM
“The Impact That Zig Ziglar and Steven Covey Had on ME”
In the early 70’s I was taking a commercial real estate seminar in Cleveland of all places and two of the three presenters were Steven Covey and Zig Ziglar. At that time, I really had no idea who these guys were, I am not kidding. Can you imagine spending a week with them…
The first thing that I learned from these two guys was, I have a lot to learn. The sad part of it was, at that time in my life, I figured I knew everything, so a great … (8 comments)

real estate: Real Estate Scammers Alive and Well - 12/05/12 09:46 PM

“Real Estate Scammers Alive and Well”

My wife and I own a beach house in Massachusetts, that we rent on a weekly basis, during the weeks that we don’t want to use the home.
We use two sites to promote the property. I got an inquiry from someone that wanted to rent our home for 4 weeks in January. During the winter months we get $2,900 per week.
The inquiry was from England and the normal process, I need to get a bunch of questions answered. One of the questions is a list of phone … (12 comments)

real estate: Bait and Switch is Alive and Well - 11/07/12 10:10 PM
“Bait and Switch is Alive and Well”
Ads and direct mail pieces that show interest rates below the real market, happen all the time. The reason this bait and switch stuff continues in spite of the people and companies that keep doing, is because they continue to find unsuspecting borrowers that respond.
At least once a week I am contacted by previous clients that ask, is this possible. Last week it was a 30 year fixed rate loan at 2.5% and no closing costs. One immediate tip-off should be, that the promotion does not show an APR, which is required … (13 comments)

real estate: The More Home Buyers Know, the Better We Look! - 10/29/12 10:04 PM
“The More Home Buyers Know, the Better We Look!”
I have been reading article after article about how poorly informed the consumer is. Sure there are some consumers that are not very knowledgeable about buying real estate or obtaining a mortgage, but certainly not the majority.
The majority of clients that are referred to me are much more knowledgeable, than folks that needed a mortgage a few years ago. I am delighted, as it will just make us look that much better.
I find that when I am contacted by someone after they have read one or many of my blogs, … (9 comments)

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