real estate: Seller's list cont.... - 08/28/08 02:14 AM
4. Listing the PropertyWe will review and fill out several important documents, including the Listing Agreement, Property Detail sheet, and Seller's Property Condition disclosures. Providing as much detail as possible about the property will help me to market the property effectively, will give potential buyers a sense of integrity about the property, and will avoid potential future liabilities for undisclosed issues. In addition to the paperwork, I will take room measurements and photographs, taking care to choose appealing but accurate images which will draw people to the property without creating false expectations. To that same end, we will also consider headlines … (0 comments)

real estate: The (famous) Paul Hodosh Seller's List - 08/25/08 05:00 AM
Selling in today's market is a challenging prospect. Not only are you competing against a large surplus inventory of homes, but you are doing so at a time when there are relatively few qualified and motivated buyers. It is more critical than ever to carefully plan and manage every aspect of marketing your property.
1. Initial ConsultationDuring my initial visit to your home we will discuss the specifics of your situation, your motivation for selling, any time pressures or constraints, and any other factors relevant to your selling decision. I'll also ask for a tour of the property and any information … (0 comments)

real estate: Buyer's Agent: Real or Marketing - 08/14/08 12:33 AM
We are starting to hear the term 'buyer's agent' more and more these days.  Someone asked me if the whole thing wasn't just one more way for realtors to market themselves, especially in such a challenging market. 
The answer is no...
A "buyer's agent" is a real estate agent who has entered into a written agreement to represent the interests of a party (or parties) who intend to purchase property.  The buyer's agent helps the buyer to clarify his or her specific needs, secure financing, locate appropriate properties, identify and understand needed repairs or maintenance, negotiate the best possible purchase price, hire … (0 comments)

real estate: Final steps in the buying process - 08/06/08 01:57 AM
And now the moment you've all been waiting for.........
The end of the list........
7. Perform Home Inspections and Settle any Ensuing IssuesWith very rare exceptions, I will strongly recommend that you include home inspections as a contingency in the Purchase & Sales Agreement. While the inspections cannot completely eliminate risk, they will substantially reduce the likelihood of encountering unexpected and costly problems after closing. Inspections are generally performed at the expense of the buyer and typically will cost $300-$600 for a residential property, depending on the nature of the property and the specific inspections conducted.
It is important to schedule … (0 comments)

real estate: New Rhode Island Linked In Group - 08/02/08 01:30 AM
Having just burst onto the social networking scene (ha ha) I'm still trying to learn how to best use all of these various tools for the real estate business.  I have found tons of great advice here, and I'm someone who looks first to those who've found success, or failure, and I try to listen and learn.  That's easy to do here on Active Rain, but less so on Facebook and Linked In.  
With Facebook, it is a bit easier because there really is more of a social (fun) aspect to rely on.  But with Linked In, I've been struggling to … (2 comments)

real estate: More extended FAQ: What is Pre-Qualification? - 07/29/08 02:54 AM
Virtually any seller of property (or their agent) will require that you submit a letter of pre-qualification or pre-approval along with any offer. Pre-qualification is a process through which a loan officer assesses your borrowing power based on information that you provide regarding your income, assets, debt, and credit history. Typically, the lender will also pull a copy of your credit report from one or more of the official credit reporting bureaus. Based on this information, the loan officer will be able to tell you how much money you will be able to borrow and at what interest rate, assuming that … (0 comments)

real estate: Considering Buying Property...Find a Good Realtor - 07/10/08 03:20 AM
When I began searching for a house several years ago, I was very defensive in my dealings with realtors, rejecting offhand any suggestions of signing up with an agent as my representative. Having always been very independent in my business and financial dealings, I wanted to maintain control, to avoid being limited or pressured in any way. In retrospect, I did myself a disservice because of my strong bias against "salespeople" and my lack of understanding of the home buying process.
In reality, representation by a competent realtor (known technically as Buyer Agency) gives you MORE control as a buyer. Your … (7 comments)


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