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Why do to DC? Why go to any Trade Show? To do any trade show successfully requires a lot of resources and work for a company. Employees must plan PR, prepare and approve a budget, design and produce displays, purchase equipment, train staff, reserve lodging, formalize travel plans, write and prin...
3 MYTHS OF CRM’S DEBUNKED  1.    Big Brother is watching  The most common reason people are opposed to a CRM, as noted in several reports, is some variant on the Big Brother Syndrome. Big Brother, in this case, is the fictional creation of George Orwell in his classic novel, “1984”. In the societ...
  By Ray Stockwell, February 2018Using Real Estate Cycles to Predict the Next Housing Bubble Why is it that bubbles in the housing market seem to catch so many people off guard?  Back in 1876, Henry George, a popular American political economist and journalist, wrote about real estate cycles.Acco...
Understanding Refinancing  What is a Mortgage? A mortgage is a loan used for real estate, plain and simple.   A creditor, which could be a person, a bank, a company, a credit union or some other entity lends you money, at interest, with the real property as collateral.  Billions and billions of m...
Artificial Intelligence in the Home By now most of us have seen those LCD big screens on the front of many new refrigerators. So you can make a shopping list while you are standing at your refrigerator and send it to your smart phone or tablet so you have it with you at the store.  It will also p...
Forbes Magazine Housing Outlook 2018: 6 Predictions from the Experts Forbes magazine recently published an article with their predications for the housing market in 2018.  The full article, summarized below, can be viewed at:  Forbes A Rocky StartAt the beginning of the year is predicted based ma...
Stylish New Apartment in Jamaica PlainNestled within Boston’s Emerald Necklace – a cluster of interconnected parks and green space – Serenity is situated steps from the T, offering immediate access to Longwood Medical Area and destination shops, restaurants,and attractions in Brookline Village.UP...
  7 Incredible Homes for Sale Boston MAEach of the homes in this blog are from Boston's South End. It is one of Boston’s most beautiful neighborhoods, and one of its most culturally diverse.  The South End has a rich history. Bordered by the Back Bay, Chinatown, and Roxbury, the area’s primary co...
Resourcefulness AffirmationsDaily affirmations are used by many of the world's top producers to keep their motivation going on a daily basis.  This is true in Real Estate and in other professions as well.One of the many challenges, perhaps the biggest one, facing real estate agents today is a lac...
4 Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Trends That Never Die  An article in Remodeling Magazine, estimates that a major remodel of a kitchen costs $59,000 – $120,000 and a major bathroom remodel costs $17,000 – $57,000. You probably are making a long-lasting decisions so important so that you make sma...

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