brokers: 16 PR Distribution Hacks for Real Estate - 07/29/19 02:39 PM
16 PR Distribution Hacks for Real has collected a list of 16 PR Distribution Hacks for Real Estate to help you get noticed.  We all know that publishing quality content is one of the best ways to get people to visit your website.  As The Balance puts it, “Content isn’t just king;  it’s the whole court. Give your customers a reason to visit…” One way to publish content that is often overlooked is a press release. Press releases can be used by real estate brokers, teams, and agents for a variety of things: “1. Announcement launch of New Events ( … (1 comments)

brokers: CRM Usage = Sustainable Broker Profitability - 07/26/19 01:04 PM
CRM Usage = Sustainable Broker Profitability  CRM usage is the foundation sustaining broker profitability according to a WAV Group released it’s 2019 CRM Effectiveness Study to 71,581 brokers nationwide.  The findings show that Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are becoming more the norm.
FindingsCRMs are becoming more the normMore than 66% of brokers responding to the survey provide their agents with one or more CRM solutions
Revenue GenerationSix out of ten brokers responding say that CRM software improves their bottom line, in terms of revenue generation.
Recruiting and retaining agentsFour out of ten broker respondents felt that CRMs are beneficial to their recruiting and … (0 comments)