crm: CRM Usage = Sustainable Broker Profitability - 07/26/19 01:04 PM
CRM Usage = Sustainable Broker Profitability  CRM usage is the foundation sustaining broker profitability according to a WAV Group released it’s 2019 CRM Effectiveness Study to 71,581 brokers nationwide.  The findings show that Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are becoming more the norm.
FindingsCRMs are becoming more the normMore than 66% of brokers responding to the survey provide their agents with one or more CRM solutions
Revenue GenerationSix out of ten brokers responding say that CRM software improves their bottom line, in terms of revenue generation.
Recruiting and retaining agentsFour out of ten broker respondents felt that CRMs are beneficial to their recruiting and … (0 comments)

crm: CRM for Real Estate - 05/31/19 08:49 AM
CRM for Real Estate is a pretty dry topic, but I’ll try to make this blog interesting.  It all starts with me going to an appointment at my Health Maintenance Organization (HMO).
Yesterday I had an appointment with my audiologist.  While having a routine examination, it was determined that one of my hearing aids was not working correctly.  The HMO that I go to sent the hearing aids out for repair, and I was scheduled to pick them up and have them adjusted.
During the visit, the clinician explained every step of the process, what she was doing, and how it would benefit … (0 comments)

crm: A Day Late and a Dollar Short - 10/02/18 08:29 AM
A Day Late and a Dollar Short
Previous blog posts I have written discussed the lack of follow up with leads.  What I want-to address today is the timeliness of follow-up.
Did you ever have a customer say, “I wish you had taken longer to get in touch with me.”?  I know I haven’t.  The opposite has been the case many times. People are often genuinely surprised and receptive when you reach out to them quickly.  This is especially true when responding to their initial injuries.
Curiosity may have killed the proverbial cat, but it is a driving force in human development.  Without curiosity, … (0 comments)

crm: How to Lose More Money in Real Estate - 09/26/18 01:46 PM
How to Lose More Money in Real Estate
By Ray Stockwell, Director of Product Marketing ZipperAgent
Apple picking with Family 2018
My last blog was about apple picking and how real estate agents lose money on leads.  so to be consistent, I thought I would include this picture of my wife, son-in-law, and grandchildren from our apple picking adventure.
If you read the last blog, I wrote you would recall that in a study by The Wav Group study on  “Agent Responsiveness.”, it was concluded that:  48% of buyer inquiries were NEVER responded to. Let me make sure you got that almost one-half of buyer … (0 comments)

crm: How to Lose Money without even trying - 09/26/18 11:29 AM
How to Lose Money without even trying
By Ray Stockwell, Director of Product Marketing ZipperAgent
Last Sunday I went apple picking with my family.  My wife and I started this fall tradition with our children and have now continued it with their spouses and our three grandchildren.  It is more about the time spent being together outdoors than about the apple picking.  Although for some I think it is more about the apple cider and apple dumplings sold at the farm stand.
Picking my own apples costs just about the same for me as buying them in the store.  I pick a bushel of … (0 comments)

crm: 3 MYTHS OF CRM’S DEBUNKED - 04/30/18 03:29 PM
1.    Big Brother is watching
 The most common reason people are opposed to a CRM, as noted in several reports, is some variant on the Big Brother Syndrome. Big Brother, in this case, is the fictional creation of George Orwell in his classic novel, “1984”. In the society described in that book, constant surveillance of every citizen in maintained largely by the use of telescreens.  People in the book are constantly reminded that “Big Brother is watching you!”
Most real estate agents, being independent contractors, are naturally prone to resist actions taken by their team leaders or brokers that … (0 comments)

crm: Being a better agent is not about a CRM - 08/26/16 08:33 AM
Being a better agent is not about a CRM
Recently I needed the services of an attorney for some personal real estate issues. I called a firm that I have recommended to several of my clients.  I was shocked.  When the phone rang the person who answered simply said, “Hello.”  There was no other greeting nor identification of what firm I was talking to or whom I was speaking. 
Eventually I determined I was connected to the right firm.  They took my name and number and promised I would be called back.  Four days later I am still waiting for that call. In the meantime  I reached out to one … (4 comments)

crm: Weed Cleaning the Mystic River - 08/22/16 01:35 AM
Weed Cleaning for the Mystic River and CRM's
Many of you may know "Mystic River" as a novel by Dennis Lehane or the movie of the same name starring Sean Penn.  I assure you it is a real place in Massachusetts.  It sees a lot of use by fishermen and boaters.
Last week I was meeting with some colleagues at Starbucks near the Mystic River in Somerville.  I stepped outside for a few minutes and saw a strange contraption going back and forth and around in circles on the Mystic River.  I learned it was a weed harvester.
To keep the river healthy and flowing invasive weeds have to … (1 comments)