providence ri: The Evolution of Real Estate Fees - 06/27/11 02:53 AM
Realtors today are often faced with this line of questioning from sellers: "Will you accept a lower commission?" It's not that the seller asking wants to undercut their realtor. The seller is asking because realtor commissions are hard to understand. In order to get a good sense of how the commission system works, let's start with the basics.
The industry norm for realtor sales commissions is 5-6% of a property sales price. With a commission-based system, the person being compensated for his or her services takes a high risk in exchange for a "high" reward. For realtors, the risk is not … (2 comments)

providence ri: What low to no cost preparations can I make to best prepare my home for marketing? - 03/29/11 01:24 PM
I recently worked with a seller on a very tight budget who was hoping to receive top dollar for his home. He wanted to know what he could do to present his home in its' best light without any serious expenditures. Without any expense whatsoever, to be more accurate. It is easy to advise a seller when they are willing to dish out some money to get their home in tip-top-shape; it is harder to do so when the budget is zero.
To start him off, I gave him the following tips:
A home's curb appeal gets buyers in the door. … (2 comments)

providence ri: Concerning Agent Reputations in Providence - 08/18/10 07:33 AM
I have always found it amusing that new introductions and "what do you do?"'s in Providence are always met with looks of suspicion no matter what I say. "Attorney," always receives the stereotypical reaction: I am left having to prove that I am not an egotist, swindler, or disparager. I get the worst of it, however, when I tell them that I am a "real estate broker." Respect flies out the window. While I have grown accustomed to this now, such bad reactions to my profession are alarming yet unfortunately justified.
Certain members of the Providence Real Estate scene have, sadly, … (5 comments)

providence ri: THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY - 03/20/10 07:16 AM
One of mine, and most other real estate professionals for that matter, mantras to first time homebuyers is that there are plenty of fish (houses) in the sea (market). If their first attempt at a home purchase goes awry, be it due to a higher bidder, or a terrifying home inspection discovery, there is always another home in the neighborhood waiting for them, better than the last. And I really believe that. Sort of. So long as it does not apply to me.
If I didn't have a passion for real estate I would not be in this business. That being said, … (5 comments)

providence ri: Bringing International Real Estate Investors into Providence RI - 08/31/09 03:14 PM
To those of us who consider Providence the best thing to happen since sliced bread, it can come as a bit of a blow to the ego when one's response to "where do you live?" is met with puzzled looks and reactions such as "Huh? Where? Is that near New York or Miami? Rhode Island is a STATE?"
¬†Those are just the sort of responses George, Gia and I had to respond to during our travels through Cyprus, one of the Mediterranean's largest islands and European who's-who hotspot. ¬†Our somewhat impractical goal: to show the rest of the world why Providence … (2 comments)

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