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Do any of you not know the real meaning of Labor Day?  I had always had a rough idea, but decided to check out the real reason, so here goes................ According to the Encyclopedia Britannica this annual holiday is devoted to the recognition of working people's contribution to society. It i...
I have just updated my iphone and wow, how great is this.  I was reluctant to do so as I had heard from various people that their phone had crashed and they were having problems, so I waited it out and on Monday could stand it no longer.   The upgrade worked perfectly and the new applications are...
I have often wondered why various peope get into the Real Estate profession.  Some are born to it, others just don't seem to be in the right profession.  My reasons were this, I had travelled and lived in many countries throughout the world, I was a stay at home Mom and with the amount of travell...
It is very strange how times change us all.  I grew up in Scotland, a family of 5 in a three bedroom, 1 bath home.  We were very happy and thought nothing of it.  There are areas where I live now in Burlingame, California that were built in the 50's and 60's that were family homes with 2 bedrooms...
                                         Monterey Bay Aquarium This past weekend I attended our quarterly CRS meeting in Monterey.  We had a great meeting where I learned about the initial steps on blogging, hence this blog!  I still have lots to learn so would appreciate your comments.  We spent...
I would value your opinion on reverse mortgages.  I have an older client who is thinking of taking one out on his home of 20 years and has asked my advice.  I have just read the following article written in todays San Francisco Chronicle. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2008/08/0...
I have this beautiful home for sale in Pacifica, California.  It is in an area that gets a lot of fog in the summer, but beautiful blue skies come September on.  This is a great value, you just have to like cooler weather!!!! If at all interested please give me a call.................. $999,000 P...
On Wednesday morning July 30th, California Real Estate, had a big shock when Financial Title Company abruptly shut its 57 California offices after its parent company lost its line of credit, triggering job losses and uncertainty. No one saw it coming. An estimated 500 California employees are aff...

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