real estate: When the Going gets tough, the tough get GOING! - 04/16/08 03:09 AM
This past winter was brutal to most of all of us but one thing is for sure. That is nothings for sure and the thing we can count on is that we still have our continued education to fall back on. Some of us are college graduates some are not but the point is that we still need to get up every morning put on our happy faces and tell our selfs today is the day we are going to get that sale.
Now is the time to get back at it with a passion to get the things you want … (2 comments)

real estate: FYI-ACTIVE RAIN #5 - 01/16/08 09:03 AM
The most incredible tool that I use now in the real estate business is the Swanepoel Trends Report which comes out every year describing obviously the newest trends in the residential real estate industry. It is clear that the real winners in the industry are on this list. It clarifies who's who in the industry and why.
Certainly there are a lot of good things shaping the industry from year to year and also some that are not so good. It is a testament to say that the Active Rain Social network is on the top ten list of newest trends that are … (1 comments)

real estate: Under Promise and Over Deliver - 12/16/07 02:56 AM
This business is a simple business. It is really in a nut shell, Get out and see the people, the more people you see the more you will learn, the more that you learn the more that you will earn. Simple right!
I was brought up in a farming background that included a lot of manual work and the question would always come up what can you get done today. Well I always came up with the conclusion that if I under promised what I would get done then over deliver on what I got done then I would receive great praise … (5 comments)

real estate: Real Estate Re-Invented - 12/11/07 07:29 AM
For years the real estate industry has relied upon the backs of its agents to produce the income that made it affordable for the brokerage house to operate. Century 21 built itself on a national model in the 70's and Re/Max did the same for the 80's. These company's had taken itself and reshaped the industry respectively during those time frames.
The time has changed now. There is only one company that has put education of its agents at the for front of its system and made it like a college community unlike high school and or grade school. EXIT realty offers … (3 comments)

real estate: Buy/Sell Agreements - 12/10/07 10:22 AM
This posting is in regards to buy/sell agreements that are also known as a partnership agreement that in the event that a partnership fails or a death to one of the party's interest. This agreement is to answer the question as to what is going to happen if one of the partner disolves his/her interest.
The biggest mistake someone can do in business is get involved with an associate without an agreement. The point is that when you get into a agreement with a partner you are in essence involving yourself in a marriage. And every marrage should be done with a … (0 comments)

real estate: JOINT PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN - 11/29/07 03:28 AM
In order to progressively realize our mission of becoming the largest and most productively successful real estate company in the industry, we now announce formally the launch of our new billboard campaign.
This nationwide promotion will transpire throughout both Canada and the United States. These billboards will pulse on and pulse off in a rotational methodology designed to captivate the observer in the most effective ways possible. This will occur in all major cities, towns, and villages in a deliberate, strategic format corresponding with our goals to be achieved.
This campaign will prove to be the very largest and most extensive of its … (0 comments)

real estate: EXIT PROMO SHOP - 11/27/07 04:41 AM
EXIT Realty Corp. International empowers their Associates with professional-quality marketing designs with the click of a mouse.
In order to continue to meet the ever increasing marketing needs of their associates, and stay at the forefront of the industry, EXIT Realty Corp. International has put together the EXIT Promo Shop.
The Comprehensive contact manager and marketing program features over 2000 templates covering everything from invitations to adds. Not only does it make customizing promotional items for individuals or office needs simple and easy, but it can also be used for sending out direct mailing campaigns.
"EXIT Promo Shop gives you the power of a … (1 comments)

real estate: EXIT SUCCESS CARD - 11/27/07 04:34 AM
Exit Realty agents across the nation know all about the beauty of residuals in the introduction of new agents to the company. The innovative residuals program developed by EXIT founder Steve Morris has led to the company's phenomenal growth. Since 2000, more than $125 million in residual bonuses have been paid to agents by EXIT Realty Corp. An amazing $66 million was paid in 2006 alone. With the incredible success and growth of EXIT, the company recognized that these residual payments to agents could be handled much more efficient if the transactions take place electronically.
EXIT sales associates now receive this bonus … (0 comments)

real estate: EXIT UNIVERSITY ONLINE - 11/27/07 03:29 AM
A new innovated way for the Broker/Owner to monitor there agents training. Everything broken down simply in a Internet based business format. Everything from computer training, contracts, and even better advertisements. Why settle for less when youcan be the best. 24/7 on-line training for EXIT realty.
 This system is tailor made for the real estate agent to be able to continue there training whether experienced or just starting out in this business. A phenomenal tool that can be used by the agents and just one more thing as to why EXIT realty really cares about you the agent.
A empathy orientated company that … (0 comments)

real estate: GET PAID WHAT YOU ARE WORTH - 11/26/07 10:44 AM
Put your career in Motion with our proven system! 100% freedom! Unlimited Income and Commission Dollars Best New agent training in the real estate industry as well as the coaching and training seasoned veterans need. Earn more the 100%, Be REWARDED for helping with the growth of the company.
At EXIT Realty we offer something so new that most of the nation has accepted this concept of single-level residuals. This system is completely deal driven and honestly the best system out there in todays market place. No other company looks out for your best interest like that of EXIT Realty.
If this … (2 comments)


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