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My husband and I have been working all year (mostly him and only as time allows) to get our 34' Trimaran into shape.  With my real estate schedule I try to join him about once a week.    We have had the electrical redone from stem to stern and our new engine is ready to be installed.  Jim has be...
Sometimes in the world of distressed sales you are trying to save the day.... at least it feels that way.  Yesterday I saved some fish. The real estate world has not always been kind to critters in the last few years, and I have seen some things in empty homes that are best left unsaid.    Yester...
EQUITY.  For young buyer's, attainable if you work at it! Many years ago, I bought my first home at age 20.   My grandfather offered me the same solid advice he provided his children.  It worked for him and still stands the test of time.  Starting with your very first payment, add a little extra....
For Short Sale Sellers.  Make the Calls Stop!!! Pleeeeaaasaasssseeee! If you are a short sale seller and you are either late or going to become late, you will eventually receive those dreaded phone calls from the collection department of your lender.  Looking for that payment or when you will mak...
  Whether Northern Virginia or Sacramento, it is so very important to the success of the short sale to have active, involved sellers.  A qualified and knowledgeable short sale agent appreciates responsive sellers and can help you with the details and timelines.  Good agents and sellers work hand ...
1025 Piedmont, Sacramento. Our new Listing in "Little Pocket". For those of you familiar with Sacramento, the Little Pocket area off I-5 holds a special charm.  Snugged up against the banks of American River it is known for it's spacious lots and mature trees.  Over the years it has become one of...
BUILDING PERMITS - Permitting yourself is NOT the same!   Obtaining a loan for a property with an unpermitted addition or space has become quite problematic.   There is little to none purchase funds allowed for loans on homes that have unpermitted additions.  Makes no matter if the addition is of...
Endorsed Referrals - What a Week! As an independent Broker, I run a small business and while every week usually brings some sort of referral, four referrals was a surprise.  These referrals can be from a variety of sources within my SOI.   They can be from neighbors, friends of friends, etc.  My ...
Has BofA Hit the Tipping Point?  You have to wonder.   Take a look at this article by Jonathan Weil. Earlier this week I posted a comment on a blog about pressure on lenders fr...
IT'S NOT SOUP UNTIL IT RECORDS!   Many years ago, when I was a very young escrow secretary, a seasoned escrow manager said this to me over some challenge on a closing.  I do not remember the specific transaction but I have never forgotten the lesson.  Things come up in transactions ALL the time. ...

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