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Let me start by stating that I do not care if you are in the "university" or not, I am just stating what I see.I want to be a great investor and land developer one day and I have drawn out my path towards that goal. I currently work for RealNet USA and it is teaching me a lot about the industry a...
I want to share a story with everyone: Ever since I could remember, my mentality has been that everything will end up fine, no matter where I am in the world. For instance, my trip to the 2004 olympics in greece. I do not  want to drag out a super long story, so here it goes...My european trip le...
Point Blank: I am looking for someone to model after or someone to mentor me.In my recent blog, I wrote about being new yet confident in my success and nothing has changed. Nothing has changed but I feel as though I can use more guidance! Remembering my old swimming days, I recall haveing coaches...
Greetings everyone, enjoy my first blog. So here I am, sitting at my desk, thinking how badly I want it to be June or July already. I do not hate any part of my life, in fact, completely the opposite. I just started working for RealNet USA, as a wholesaler, "bird dog", and I am hitting this in st...


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