internet marketnig: Tips on Using Craigslist to Wholesale Real Estate - 05/24/10 02:32 PM
If you are new or just getting started in the wholesale real estate business, you probably want to get down to nitty gritty.I respect that so lets get started. If you don’t already know, Craigslist is one of the most visited websites online today. It gets billions of hits and it is one of the top searched sites for every major city in the US. Not only is this site free, it’s great to boost web traffic and get in front of a targeted audience. As a wholesaler, craigslist should be on top of your must do list everyday. Although it … (5 comments)

internet marketnig: 5 Tips on How to Find Cash Buyers Using the Internet - 05/20/10 04:40 AM
5 Tips on How to Find Cash Buyers Using the Internet
If you are just now getting into the profitable world of wholesaling, the internet is a tool you should become an expert in. The majority of buyers and investors are going online to find deals. There are so many websites, listing pages, and classified ad sites that its hard to tell which is best. It is always changing and will never be the same, but for now, I have compiled a list of sites and online tricks a wholesaler should be doing in order to find cash buyers for their … (3 comments)

internet marketnig: Social Media got you confused? - 02/16/10 12:53 AM
Social Media - Get on twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. On each you will want to build friends and contacts that are in the real estate profession throughout your city or area. Yahoo groups are another great source. Also, set up a blog on WordPress and start writing about real estate investment deals in the area, or why your area is great to buy in. You post this article in your twitter and Facebook and you will slowly yet surely get responses! This is more of a credibility builder than anything. Buyers will go online and read articles you posted about property … (4 comments)

internet marketnig: Social Media and Real Estate Investing - 12/08/09 01:54 PM
Social Media and Real Estate Investing
Have you ever sold a property on twitter? Or had a buyer come to you from Facebook? Chances are that neither has happened. Why? Because investors are not properly using social media.
Here are the facts: 80% of home buyers go online for their properties and search key words in a search engine. People are going to Google or Yahoo to begin searching, not your twitter per say.
As a real estate investor, social media should be used to make connections, build relationships, and build a bridge to communicate constantly with potential partners, associates, and … (0 comments)

internet marketnig: Part 1: How to market property using video online - 08/25/09 12:34 PM
Marketing Your Investment Property Online Using Video: Pat 1
Did you know that 80% of potential buyers are going online before they ever walk to their car and view a property? That means all real estate investors that are not using the internet are fighting for 20% of buyers!Obviously this signifies the importance of how the web is changing the game.
Sites such as Youtube, Metacafe,, Zillow, and others, are changing the way potential customers find out about your product. Today, people are online actively looking for products buy and researching how to maximize their purchase. The days of asking … (2 comments)

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